UMNO, the kampong folks and the youth

The UMNO spin machines have failed to tell good news to the public and the kampong folks as well. Of course they watch TV3, rtm1, rtm2 but not particularly the news and propaganda part of the programs, they are interested in the dramas and movies.

Even the kampong people know that they are being showered with money, help, assistance, welfare benefits, free spectacles and all that for their votes. The kampong folks are also having good time is speculating amongst themselves what would be next that they would be showered with and having good laughs at what UMNO is desperately trying to do now. Some have a list of things they want UMNO to give them. They are all aware that whatever that UMNO has given out now is after all the rakyat’s money; so they deserve it.

Gambang - Kg. UMNO/BN

One Makcik said, “ Dia beri kita ambek, pangkah tak tahu lagi”, “kita tahu ini semua pancing undi, ingat kita tak tahu”. Losely translated that “if they give we shall accept, but they can’t be sure of our votes”, “we know that they are fishing for votes, as if we do not know”

Well the kampong folks are getting cleverer by the day. UMNO is now more than desperate than before, it is a do or die election and the problem is that the money that they have given out seems to be not enough, the people are asking and expecting for more and more. Until and unless UMNO can fulfill their demands, UMNO can never be assured of their votes. Yes the children of the kampong folks have sent home the message not to be easily bought by UMNO. Moreover the older generation that would be voting for UMNO blindly are few in numbers.

Their sons and daughters now have children going to universities and working in the big towns and all are exposed to the IT. These young people are IT savvy and they hate being taken for a ride by UMNO as they can feel the burden now from 54 years of UMNO rule; they are not stupid. They now have Adam Adli, Safwan Anang, Ambiga, Mat Sabu, Anwar and most of them hate Najib and know next to nothing about Mr. Nobody, Khairy Jamaluddin. They can only relate Mahathir with the Petronas Twin Tower and not interested in Badawi.

You can visit many sites on the internet especially in Facebook on their arguments and their comments and their thoughts. Of course there are UMNO supporters amongst the youth but they don’t really have substance in their arguments.

Although very few are aware about politics and about the infightings in UMNO, but whatever it is they want change, freedom and better future. Many are aware that Anwar is fighting for change, freedom and an alternative for their future, and that are the factors that they are most interested in. The new generation is finding it hard to survive with the burden from the PTPTN debts, few employment opportunities and high cost of everything. They can only manage a Proton or a Perodua and some cheap second hand foreign made cars. As for buying a house, it is beyond their means. Their parents also need help as they can’t easily make ends meet.

Now when BERSIH Chairwoman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan started to campaign for the one hundred percent voter turnout, UMNO should be much more worried. Fortunately for the opposition UMNO is pre-occupied with so many scandals and so many in other things and they are not united anymore. UMNO is at the brink of breaking up. They do not consider Ambiga’s 100 campaign as a threat, which is good for the country. Only Khairy tried to highlight the issue but failed to be taken up by the UMNO top leadership. That is good too.

Anyway UMNO being UMNO, they are still living in the past and more interested in fighting for the few top positions which is not enough for everybody. However the opposition must never be complacent.


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