KHAIRY CRITICISED AMBIGA; Another effort to resurrect himself

Khairy criticized Ambiga; another effort to resurrect himself

Khairy Jamaluddin is trying to stay relevant again by telling BERSIH Chairwoman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan not to organize anymore rallies since UMNO/BN has set up a bipartisan Parliament Select Committee on Election Reform and has agreed to use indelible ink. He also said that UMNO/BN is considering other reforms, meaning she should just wait and see.

We all know that the indelible ink is only one out of eight demands that have been accepted by the Election Commission but still Ambiga is willing to wait for the final report from the select committee. She is now trying to encourage all eligible voters to come out and vote – 100 percent.

So, what is wrong with that Khairy? Khairy above all should know that he is talking nonsense and he knows that for sure. But he has to stay relevant. His future in politics is very bleak if not gone forever, in UMNO anyway.

There are too many people in UMNO struggling for so few important positions and nobody has so far volunteered to drop out from the competition, not even Idris Jusoh; he was only teasing the naïve Hishamuddin when Idris sent the SMS to him. Kayveas is not from UMNO, therefore when his name was not included in the PPP list of winnable candidates, it is for show, because surely Najib must include Kayveas name in the BN list, but this is just a side track.

Khairy like Najib has got no more brilliant ideas to be implemented. Khairy himself has no clear path to follow and no clear plan for his future. He is even considering retiring from politics for good. He has lost the opportunity  years ago whereby he should have garner supports; create his own grass root supporters all over the country , give a lot of favours to inspiring politicians and second chances to those who had fallen. Then by now he would have many people who owe him and he can collect back the pay backs. Instead he befriended some dubious reporters and businessmen to create some wealth for himself thinking money can buy everything. Yes, in politics money can buy everything if only the price is right. Khairy has not enough money to pay everybody and thus now he is a Mr. Nobody.

Whatever efforts he is doing now to befriend the youth and try to convince them to support UMNO is not working either. Khairy has not been able to influence them as desired. However it seems that the youths are the ones who manage to influence him by what he has told Ambiga. Isn’t what he has said reflects the mind of a naïve youth and not that on an intelligent grown-up Oxford graduate politician?

Khairy should fight for justice, freedom, and embark on a movement within UMNO to fight against corruption and all wrong doings. Then this would be a very relevant struggle. He would be able to get more support than he ever expected. The youth will also be behind him in the struggle and the opposition, NGOs and the international community will also support him. This would be the noblest thing for him to do besides keeping quiet and stop talking nonsense.
To redeem himself further and be answerable to the people of Malaysia he should ask for forgiveness and resolve the Shahrizat NFC debacle which was his own silly making. He can expose everything instead of trying to cover it up.

Now since the opposition is using the Shahrizat NFC debacle as the weapon of mass destruction against UMNO, Khairy could come in to defuse it. He could also use it to his advantage to be in the lime light again and since the debacle is a threat to UMNO itself, he could also manipulate those in power by threatening to spell out everything and get some relevant position within UMNO acceptable by all feuding parties.

Unfortunately Khairy is not in a position to do so because he needs some leeway from UMNO for him to continue making money to replenish his depleting coffer. Besides he has no guts.


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