UMNO’s version of right and wrong

UMNO has a rule of its own. They are not written rules just like the Common Law but the similarity stops here. UMNO’s version of right and wrong need not be determined by any court, not even a kangaroo court. Najib simply made another flip flop decision saying that earlier on he found it necessary to reshuffle his cabinet since three of his cabinet members were under investigation.

Then just a few days ago Najib pointed out that Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil is not part of the scandal-hit National Feedlot Centre (NFC) project run by her family while the Kuala Lumpur mufti has cleared religious affairs minister Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom of any impropriety in using zakat funds for a legal case and Finance deputy minister Datuk Awang Adek Hussin, who admitted to receiving some financial contributions using a personal account, has also been cleared after giving an explanation to him.

How can such matters be decided by just simple explanations when what had been exposed have proofs that could be brought to court as evidence. If all three of them say that the evidences were fabricated, then sue those who exposed the documents in court, they should clear their names. The fact that all three of them decided not to pursue the matter in court is telling us that they could be found guilty instead. Therefor e the three of them do not have high moral grounds, they have very thick skins, thicker than Isa Samad and Khir Toyo.

In UMNO if the president say you are right then you are right even if you are wrong and if the president say you are wrong then you are wrong even if you are right. UMNO is not interested in right or wrong. They are all in the same shit hole.

But Najib can’t be serious to really tell us that all three of them are cleared as what has happened to the 901 verdict, much hailed by people that Najib really meant what he said, to transform the judiciary. These two opposing ways of making a judgment, one through a two year court procedure the other not through any court, is clearly a double standard and destroy whatever credibility Najib has from the  901 verdict. Najib is untrustworthy and has proven that again and again he has no integrity at all.

What really happen is Najib is only interested in politics and not integrity and justice for all. He is only thinking of himself. Whatever Najib is doing now is just some political maneuvers that he has to do to survive. After he was pushed to a corner and managed to retaliate back, his opponents within UMNO have also reacted and step back a little bit for another round of bout with Najib.

There has been a temporary truce and Najib can keep his winnable candidate list for now. Moreover if all three ministers were to be tried in court, it will be a very big blow to UMNO, not that they will be found guilty but all three will expose more dirt thus opening more Pandora boxes.

The infighting in UMNO however has never subsides. It is boiling. So the events that happen is the steam that has come out and will change drastically and swiftly one after another and more surprises are in store.


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