WE MUST CHANGE; vote out the corrupt UMNO/BN

901 Not guilty verdict; the next phase of change and we must change because UMNO will not.

While our planet is overburdened by the increasing number of population by over 7 billion people putting a strain on its ecosystems and resources, by interacting with their surroundings more intensely competing for space, farmland, energy and water, Malaysia is overburdened by the excesses of UMNO. The plundering of our  resources and economy have been going on for 54 years and no effort has been undertaken by UMNO to either mitigate the problems but rather it creates more.

Our freedom has also been curtailed and the minds of the ordinary people have been brainwashed to accept UMNO’s ideology and its version of history, statistics, events, news and what is good and bad for the country. UMNO has created many Malaysians with the herd mentality and the Malays with the siege mentality while UMNO has succeeded in making Malaysia the business premise for its leaders and cronies.

The herd mentality says that the majority is always right; UMNO has managed to make the people think that the UMNO/BN government is always right. The Malays are being led to believe that others are hostile towards them and the Malays have been brainwashed to believe that whatever problems and predicaments they are facing today are all due to others and it has nothing to do with the wrong doings of UMNO/BN.

 We cannot continue living in the past.

Time has changed and if UMNO and its members still want to continue living in the past, then let them be but the rest of us must change; make the 901 not guilty verdict as the next phase for change. Malaysia have to start anew, new style, new taste, new aspiration, new vision, new approach, new methods, new way of thinking, new way of doing things and above all a new and different government; a real change, a makeover and not make up, like what UMNO has been doing for the last 54 years. UMNO is history and together with BN they must be placed in a museum.

Why must we change? The answer is simple; UMNO/BN can never change. They think that Malaysia is theirs to do whatever they like with it. UMNO/BN thinks that they have the birthright to inherit Malaysia, and we all know that when the wealth is inherited from the parents, it will be wasted in no time and we all know  many examples; from rich to bankrupt.

UMNO has failed us and is too corrupt

Malaysia has lost its competitive edge for attracting foreign investments not because we have lost our potential but because of UMNO/BN. We have been led to believe that the present bad economy is because the world is in recession and in financial turmoil. But it is not entirely true because if we still had the funds available now, it could be used to spur our domestic economy. Khazanah Nasional could have snatched all the under value stocks and businesses overseas and when the world economy improves Malaysia could be holding more wealth and business for its people. Japanese companies had done it before by buying many ailing US companies and the famous being Sony of Japan buying MGM of Hollywood. China has done so and such that the west is begging China to bail them out!

So the UMNO/BN tells the people that it is because of the world economy are not the whole truth. The international community has put Malaysia the fourth top most corrupt country in doing business! UMNO/BN is so corrupt that people are being turned off. What the foreign investors are implying is that – “change the government and we will be able to come in and invest”.

Change now – better late than never

Unfortunately for the numbskulls in the UMNO/BN are more interested in plundering the funds for themselves and borrow more and plunder more ending with RM445 billion national debt and without any idea on how to pay back! Yes the US also borrowed, but they have the ability to pay.

Another huge mistake by UMNO is letting the increasing number of illegal immigrants and foreigners staying in Malaysia who ultimately giving them citizenship. Once they have the citizenship, they will be able to vote and the scary thing is that UMNO is so desperate for votes to win every election, that they are willing to sell Malaysia to these foreigners!

Of course we do need these foreigners to do certain jobs that we are not willing to do, but it is not entirely true that our local workforce is hopeless. The local workforce simply can’t survive with the amount of salary they are being paid. It is not surprising because UMNO/BN have failed to provide jobs for tens of thousands of our graduates! The fact is we are the poorest in our own country! It is only a few of us; the UMNO/BN leaders and cronies who are rich; a group of people who are not affected by any changes in the economy, they rest of us still have to make ends meet. UMNO/BN has failed to pay use decent salaries. Yet UMNO/BN has told us that they want Malaysian workers to be highly paid workers! If you believe that, then you can believe anything UMNO/BN say.

The bad news is the longer UMNO/BN stays in power, whatever potentials we still have and our slim advantage will slip away and will make it much more difficult for a different government to reverse the situation. Let the euphoria on Anwar’s victory subsides and come back to the reality that the struggle must continue and be more aggressive. We must not let Malaysia slip away.


6 responses to “WE MUST CHANGE; vote out the corrupt UMNO/BN

  1. alan newman nz

    No one should tolerate or relent this massive corruption, theft and injustice another day. When Syrians want democracy, free & fair elections, Assad calls them terrorists and kills them in the thousands. PBB, UMNO, BN are no better. Power corrupts absolutely and corruption is the root of many evils problems on planet earth. Crims like those in Sarawak or UMNO are still walking proud and uttering sweet or authoritative words, it’s nauseating (vomiting) and most despicable. Don’t wait another day, start your boycott of their cronies, their newspapers & operations. Do something now!

  2. alan newman nz

    PM Najib, we demand an answer! Why are you pretending all the massive multi-billion corruption & plundering are non-existent? Just one of many cases here: Despite a registered letter from some 15 NGOs on Taib Mamhud after 31 years! & sarawkreport.org Where is your integrity, sense of shame and legitimacy to lead? You should be impeached for treason – deceiving & undermining Malaysia! I speak from NZ, rated among the top in the world for democracy & transparency.

    • alan, Najib has no answer and he doesn’t have to answer to all of them. He just have to admit all the wrong doings and resign but, that is not UMNO’s way of doing things.I hope the people of Malaysia especially the younger generation will vote UMNO/BN out in the next GE-13.

  3. Alan Newman. NZ

    If anyone thinks the corruption in UMNO, BN & Sarawak is not a serious crime……The wealth of Mubarak and his family was estimated to be US$40 billion to US$70 billion. Gaddafi’s family fortune is now estimated to be US$100 billion or more. That put them ahead of Bill Gates. Now you can imagine how much has been stolen from Malaysia too. Tolerate no longer. Move and act now.

    • There are still too many people in Malaysia who just ignore the corruption that has been going on. I hope they will realise soon before it is too late.

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