Yes, UPSI has correctly spelled “Senate” this time instead of “Senat” on its English webpage, but there are still grammar mistakes for example :

ICT Centre Hotline SMS

The short message system (SMS) can receive any complaints about ICT services on behalf of the ICT Centre. The Centre will take action based on ICT Centre Customer Standard. For your informatiom, each SMS complaint should be followed by the necessary information about the complainant, such as the name, staff ID and Where the problem is to enable the ICT Centre to take the necessary action.”

Besides the spelling mistake in the word “informatiom” which should be “information”, the word “complaints” here should be singular – “complaint” like – any problem, if all complaints – this is plural. Anyway the whole paragraph needs revising.

I would suggest as follows:

The short message system (SMS) can accept any complaint pertaining to the  ICT services. The ICT Centre will take action based on our procedures. For your information, each SMS complaint must include the necessary information , such as the name, staff ID and please specify what and where the problem is to enable the ICT Centre to take the necessary action.”

Please read this also;

Chancellery in principle are supporting the effective and systematic management of information delivered in the University and the Government to individuals or groups and citizens throughout the University. To realize the goals and role as important to a university department, functions and responsibilities have been divided according to Office / Division / Unit follows: Office of the Vice Chancellor, Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor, Public Pehubungan Unit, Internal Audit Unit.

Follow the link;

How can a Universiti Pendidikan be teaching students when UPSI is not even proper in its English.  The true low standard portrayed by UPSI is also reflected in the Power Point presentation by its Vice Chancellor herself  (Prof. Dr. Aminah Ayob, Vice Chancellor from 2007 to 2011) – the pictoral displays do not represent UPSI, instead it is a lazy copy, paste and edit from some foreign places. There are wrong spellings, mixture of Malay and English overall thing is adhoc in nature like a badly done project. The production by any standard is bad. How can UPSI be a consultant as its stated role with this kind of product by the VC herself? It could be a product of somebody in a college  and yet the Vice Chancellor can accept that presentation at her level. The Vice Chancellor could have asked some undergraduates to produce the presentation for her. If that is the case then the Vice chancellor is really hopeless. Please look at the presentation link below and judge for yourself.

UPSI is not fit to be a university with these kinds of crap the top management is producing.That is why the students in UPSI have been cheated into believing that UPSI is a university! UPSI has gone backwards, SITC was much better, at least it produced real teachers with calibre, respected by society. Now UPSI graduates can’t even qualify for a decent teaching job!


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