UMNO is preparing the rakyat for its 9th January planned riots; unsuccessfully

An UMNO ceramah

UMNO wants to stay in power by all means as its leaders are all addicted to power-money-corruption. It has to, because so much is at stake. Organising riots is one of their specialties and in cohorts with their PDRM dogs in particular the Henry Gurney “graduates”; the FRU. These Henry Gurney “graduates” fit the job well and also the only department where they are employable.

In preparing for the riots UMNO has been campaigning all over the country and in the rural areas where the unassuming Mak Ciks and Pak Ciks have all been lured by all the government agencies especially the Welfare Department to attend various programs and events held by UMNO to spread fear of the riots and prepare themselves for an impending 13th May scenario.

UMNO members of parliament and state assemblymen have all special funds and on a spending spree for this campaign. The kampong folks have been told that their UMNO representatives will listen to all their grievances, repair their old houses, improve their access to their homes, give free spectacles at selected optometrists, ensure that they get the promised RM500 and for all these they have to attend every event organised by UMNO in their kampongs.

There will also free food either lunch or dinner, a “kenduri “of sort depending on the time and day when the events are being held. They are also being told that there will be raffles draw, lucky numbers with prizes ranging from television to hampers. The kampong folks are being told from words of mouth and they have so eager and happy that if the GE-13 were to be held now, UMNO will sweep every seat in the rural areas!

Unfortunately these events are big disappointments for the kampong folks who have to go out from their villages to the nearest Balai Raya, walking long distances and use whatever means of transportation to get what have been told. These mostly old folks are all taken for a ride and they know that. Yes, these folks nearing the end of their lives somehow have realized that they have been bullshitted all the time!

After much sacrifice on their part the kampong folks had to wait three hours before the UMNO representatives arrived and without much ado starts to talk about Anwar; how bad he is, how immoral he is, Anwar’s purported connection with the Jews, that the sodomy cases are all true and the Sodomy II one will also find Anwar guilty. The audience are being told that Anwar’s supporter won’t accept the verdict and they will go on riot, go on rampage on the streets and another 13th May will occur. The UMNO man also will describe the mayhem and asked the kampong folks to be ready and bear with what UMNO will do to maintain peace in the country.

These kampong folks have actually lost interest in all these. They have come for all that have been promised and many of them have brought along their request list to be presented to the UMNO leader but to no avail; it is a monologue event, the kampong folks are not given the opportunity to ask anything and to shut their mouth food is offered ending with the lucky draw. The food prepared early in the morning have gone cold and stale, while there are prizes to be won – they are just the cheap small hampers consisting of some expired edible items. The kampong folks have been fooled again but this time they know it.

The food was prepared based on a downgraded menu and he prizes are cheaper and not worth the fare paid to come for the event. Yes, the UMNO thieves are at it again, they even steal from their own coffers for their own pockets, thus the allocation given by their leaders are also being pocketed as what the leaders have been doing; siphoning all our money.

Yes, UMNO is preparing to start the riots but due to the lack of enthusiasm by so many of its people, it could just be on a small scale. The Pak Ciks and the Mak Ciks are actually fed up; they just want peace and enjoy their remaining years or days. UMNO is really pathetic!


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