Why many people still support UMNO/BN; are they nuts?

While waiting for my girlfriend to choose, pick and tried her clothes on in one of the cubicles, I took the opportunity, and to fill time by chatting with the middle aged sales woman, a Chinese lady whom I noticed showed some telling stress on her face.

This was what happened

It was not her turn yet to take a short afternoon break since her replacement, whom I found out later was a beautiful young Malay girl and I guessed could have just finished college and was just taking on a temporary job like one of my daughters did, thus I noticed that look and a sense of anguish. After striking a conversation with some small talk, I told her that the prices of everything is rising and even after discounts the prices are still high and I blamed it all on UMNO/BN for it.

She responded with a stern look on her face and told me that “It is not easy to be a government” and further said that “things are not as simple or as easy as they may seem”.  I thought most of the Chinese won’t vote for UMNO/BN anymore but this incident really hit me.

I just couldn’t response  to her answer but realized that despite all the wrong doings by UMNO/BN resulting in everybody in Malaysia getting the negative impacts there are still people who sincerely believe that what UMNO/BN have done is acceptable to them! The most ludicrous thing is that these people themselves are the one who justified the actions of UMNO/BN!

I can accept her believe and give her the benefit of the doubt that she was not really concern about it but for many of those that are better educated, business people, professionals, school teachers, lecturers, civil servants and NGOs as can be seen in the news and as published in all form of media still support UMNO no matter what! Some are afraid to change. Some say PR will be the same devil. Some say that nothing can be done about it.

Still support UMNO no matter what

Ever since the PKFZ, then the Scorpene scandal, more scandals have been exposed nonstop. As the rest of us have watched every episode of these scandals, we may ask a very reasonable question pertaining to those who still support UMNO: Are these people nuts?

After all, it’s not as if they had been living somewhere else when these corruptions are exposed clearly and the direct result of the ludicrous economic policies put in place by UMNO. The direct and indirect impacts of these corruptions affect us every day. Everyone including the UMNO supporters knows what is going on. Nor are they unaware that billions are involved. Yet out they’ve come, in support of UMNO.

Why do they do it?

The answer is not really complicated. Many of the UMNO supporters view these phenomena as nothing wrong in supporting UMNO and consider their wrong doings as legitimate. Raised in social and community divisions and fed an unrelenting diet of UMNO propaganda for their entire lives, people can feel rudderless and insecure when they thought that if there is no UMNO there will be no more savior; like they have no alternative form of reality that there others who can do a better job!

But many of them are also just ball carriers. They are the ones who have their own self interests. Government officers would want to get promoted or at least get easy transfers. It is known that those who are against UMNO will be stationed at the far end of the country if not the world.

Business people need to get contracts for supply of goods and services and construction projects. They need to support UMNO to expand and grow their business. Media people need to earn money and survive since UMNO is controlling their publishing permits. Huge corporations need to maintain their share value.

The NGOs and bloggers are simply being paid to do what they have to do. But for the politicians who jumped over, they have been bought.


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