IS NAJIB REALLY FIGHTING CORRUPTION? or just a new sandiwara titled “Fight Against Corruption”

Is Najib really on all-out effort against corruption?

Cow living in condo

In the major government media this week the rakyat is being splashed with the investigations on several individuals on corruption. The MACC has also made the U-turn on the Shahrizat NFC debacle and a “Datuk” has been remanded by the police. The box-office in the UMNO produced “sandiwaras” are all titled “Fight Against Corruption “or sort of.

We all know that all these are just stage shows in preparing for the impending GE-13, the mother of all elections. UMNO wants to win and must do whatever it takes to win! Positions, power, business and money all the elements that make greed is the motivation. They have nothing in mind for the welfare of the rakyat and Malaysia.

Corruption in Malaysia is a perennial issue; an everyday thing and it will happen whenever there is an opportunity thus ranking Malaysia at the fourth most corrupt nation in doing business in the whole world! Yet Najib is not ashamed although this ranking occurred during his reign of premiership! Yet the degrading thing that Najib has embarked on is not to response to this report but his initiative to fight corruption is seasonal and coincides with the coming GE-13. It has nothing to do with the report at all!

Another trait to his initiative is selective. He has instructed MACC to investigate any case, to cover any case or to even make a U-turn if necessary. Thus the actions of the MACC also depend on the strings that are being pulled. The worst thing about the useless MACC is the fact that they have been involved in two separate deaths; Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini. Thus Najib is the director producing these “Fight against Corruption” stage shows with the MACC and the police as the main actors, while those being charged are just scapegoats.

Despite the clear report by the Auditor General of overspending, ridiculous price tags for several items and not following the procedures in the procurement process, why is nobody taken to task until now? In the case of Shahrizat NFC debacle, why are the ones directly enriching themselves by buying condos and operating expensive restaurants and buying Mercedes car not being charged but an unknown “Datuk” brought into the picture? Why have the commission given to Perimekar in the Altantuya-Scorpene submarine scandal not being investigated because the company has no background in the marine and naval business? Why have the losses incurred by MAS not being investigated by MACC? Why is there no one being taken to court in the Sime Darby losses except the ex-CEO and one senior manager? Why are the Sime Darby board of directors immune, yet they are the ones who have the final say in the decisions. Why no action is being taken on Awang Adek and the senior private secretary of the deputy prime minister?

Yet on 29th December 2011 Berita Harian an UMNO newspaper has the headline “EJEN ASING KAUT HABUAN 30 PERATUS- Kes tipu kontrak Iskandar Investment cecah berbilion ringgit ”. Yes UMNO is saying that others or corrupt and putting the blame on them.

The only conclusion which all of us know from the start is that Najib is not serious in fighting graft and all for show because presently like Mahathir, Najib  is the one  mostly behind it now.


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