As with all street riots, UMNO is planning something for 9th January to their advantage, not PR

UMNO is really mulling over the idea of instigating street riots not just in the capital but in every major city if possible including in Sabah and Sarawak, which would be fun for them. They know that since the 13th May 1969 riot in KL, they have been able to use that do whatever they wished. So now they are getting serious about it.

Therefore it is not surprising that Awang Selamat of Utusan, the mouth piece of UMNO has instigated again and again the public especially Anwar’s supporters to go on riot soon after sodomy guilty verdict on 9th January 2012. The UMNO police amongst the FRU have also played their part in starting the fight and physical harassment peaceful BERSIH march recently resulting in one death. The protesters did not have any sort of weapon to start with, so there is no way they can fight the FRU which were armed to the teeth.

The racists PERKASA have also been free to do almost anything and even Dr. Mahathir and the ex-IGP Rahim Noor are associated with PERKASA. UMNO has not done anything or at least reprimand these racist groups to ensure racial harmony. Police brutality is a norm now and the Indians feel that they have been specifically targeted.

The racial tension has also been conjoined with religious skirmish as in the DUMC arsons, proselytizing issues, the cow head incident and demolition of Hindu temples. O effort has been done by UMNO to reconcile the cracks among these communities. Yet UMNO is trying to find ways to divide them so that they can rule and create racial and religious riots for their own crooked agenda!

Street riots are advantageous to UMNO

The main reason for this is because UMNO is very, very desperate. UMNO is preparing for the next GE-13 and is preparing for the worst. There are various scenarios.

First to try to close ranks in UMNO since it is now facing imminent revolt within its organization due to the infightings for the winnable candidates. The various debacles and corruption issues has opened the gates to the grabbing of various posts. With the riots, UMNO may be able to put aside their differences and be united at least temporarily for the GE-13.

Secondly, the riots could inculcate fear amongst the rakyat especially amongst the Chinese community that they will be forced to vote UMN/BN into power. The rakyat in general will forget about all the poverty, unemployment, the national debts, wrong doings of UMNO, the corruption, injustices, the overspending, the useless Scorpene submarines, the new navy patrol vessels and all other issues. UMNO has nothing good in store for the rakyat; everything in Malaysia under UMNO until today is bad! So divert the attention of the rakyat by using the fear factor.

Thirdly, UMNO want Anwar’s supporters to riot so that they can use the still existing ISA and the restrictive Assembly Bill to put as many opposition members in Jail to ensure UMNO/BN win in the GE-13. But UMNO must be careful with what they wish.

Fourthly, UMNO is building up the tension and would not want to start the rioting just yet. They will only start the riot after the results of the GE-13 is known, then just like the infamous 13th May 1969 incident, they would repeat the same thing but now on a much larger scale.

Fifthly UMNO could just be bluffing and just want to create a very tense scenario just before the GE-13 hoping that the rakyat will unwillingly vote for them after being threatened by UMNO using the riot-fear factor.

Anyhow, UMNO must be very careful with what they wish for. The whole thing could backfire as the rakyat are more knowledgeable, tolerant and have common sense and the leaders of the opposition have not gone senile yet, by just refusing to be distracted by the riot-fear issue. When this happens, UMNO will have no more cards to play and will just face the reality that their time is up.


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