It is none of our business. Is that so?

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul says the U.S. is never going to make Afghanistan a “grand Democracy” and it’s long past time to bring the troops home.

“Let’s clean up our act here. Let’s set an example for the world and let’s make sure people want to follow our lead and emulate us,” Paul says. “We cannot use force of bombs or buying with our mouth and tell other people how to live. It’s none of our business most of the time and it never helps our national security. And, besides, we’re broke.”

The above are the most honest statements I have ever read from any of the US politicians.

Now, let us be frank about the things and events that have happened in our country related to the ruling elite and categorically speaking, most of them are none of our business. Come again?  

Let us see then.

Well, whom Taib Mahmud wanted to take as his new wife, he chose luscious Ragad by the way, that is none of our business. Whether his son Sulaiman has been infected by HIV or not, that too is none of our business. As for Rosmah and Najib; whom they want their daughter to be engaged to, is none of our business as well. What about Najwa Muhaiddin ( as some tabloid spelt it), when she got into the music industry and won one of the AIM awards recently, congratulations and it is none of our business anyway. What else?

Hmmm…  well, I guess I am wrong; there are not many things that could be categorized as “none of our business”

But I do observe, many amongst us do not care about anything at all. They don’t give a hoot about the general election. They are the “couldn’t care less” group of people who just depend on fate to determine everything. They can even accept an invasion from another country as long as they can lead their daily pathetic lives. Nothing is their business.

You will be mistaken to assume that these people are the kampong folks and the FELDA settlers. They in fact come from all walks of life across the broad range of societies, from the village idiot to the professor, from the dying to the healthiest and from beggars to billionaires.

They are amongst us; maybe our friends, bosses, subordinates, relatives, neighbours, strangers or even enemies. They are of different status but all in the same line of thinking – don’t care and for what?

The frustrating thing about them is that these people being the majority are the ones who without much thought have been putting UMNO/BN into power for the past 54 years.

So why not make some effort to contribute something for a change. To all supporters of PR and all other opposition parties and NGOs, whenever and wherever you are, convince your parents, brothers, sisters, neighbours, friends and whoever you know – tell those who feels that whatever is happening now “is none of their business” make them re-consider to make their business to help change the government, yes you can help make history and I know we are all busy; make it your part-time business.


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