TERENGGANU – Another headache for Najib with Idris Jusoh and Ahmad Said

Another headache for Najib; Idris Jusoh now makes it difficult for Najib to replace Ahmad Said with his own man.

December must be a fateful month for Najib. He managed to have the mandate as having the final say in the choice of the winnable candidates. He also managed to pacify many of the incumbents and prevent the infightings because the candidates chosen will be based on the present UMNO set-up in every state.

However it has been a brief ceasefire and not a manageable truce. Najib has been so naïve to really think that he has succeeded in preventing an upheaval in UMNO. He is also being naïve to think that the UMNO delegates will believe him to select the winnable candidates from the present set-up, while in fact the list which is already in his hand consists of only his own supporters.

The prospect that UMNO/BN will again win the state of Terengganu has made Idris Jusoh very envious of Datuk Seri Ahmad Said who said that if Datuk Seri Ahmad Said is still the Terengganu Menteri Besar UMNO/BN won’t be able to win. It seems that Idris Jusoh is on his own crusade to make sure that UMNO/BN will lose Terengganu in the next GE-13. Idris Jusoh has already stated that he volunteers to be dropped as a candidate because he is in fact not a winnable one and Najib has Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek the current sports minister as the next Menteri Besar of Terengganu.

Idris Jusoh has been playing the role of the opposition in Terengganu from the day he was ousted by Ahmad Said. He is bent on the decision that if he cannot be the MB, then nobody in UMNO should be the MB. He would be happier that PAS win Terengganu instead of UMNO because his strategy has always been “I told you so, only I can make sure that UMNO/BN can win Terengganu, provided I be the MB”. His anger and frustration has never subsides.

While Najib on the other hand is trying to find ways to convince Ahmad Said to go and let Ahmad Shabery be the next MB, but now Idris Jusoh has given Najib a big headache; the impending possibility that UMNO/BN will lose Terengganu.

Ahmad Said has the support of the Sultan and the villagers as he has been prudent enough to make them happy. Idris Jusoh on the other hand is only depending on his group of his men when he was the MB and the voters in his constituency some of whom have already changed sides. Ahmad Said’s position is very strong now and Najib could fail in his wish to replace him in Ahmad Shabery Cheek because with Ahmad Said and coupled with Idris Jusoh, the odds are too risky for Najib.

Ahmad Said is definitely stronger and saved for now and he can thank Idris Jusoh for that.


One response to “TERENGGANU – Another headache for Najib with Idris Jusoh and Ahmad Said

  1. What was happening in Terengganu after GE12 is very unique, because most of their UMNO leaders is unstoppable in running for power nor ruining each others. That why as we read in major news paper most crime cases base on drug involved reported almost daily, why? Seems their leaders are busy in politicking then to look after their rakyat. Is it true? Perhaps any local universities should do some research regarding this for their rakyat sake, why not? Take advantage from disadvantage!

    Second things this state produced most brilliant student each year due to their academic result in any exam, but still produced a same result in drug abused, why? Study should be done. Whatever we should not put the blame on their rakyat only but their leaders should take responsibility, indeed, in sense their UMNO leader who running the state.

    But the most important is this state has a gold mine, the Black Gold, even had denied by Federal when PAS took over but returned when their cronies in power, why? Proxies? Why their master like a blind guide a blind? Proxies? Who is their winanble candidates? Cronies? Najib should do somethings, is he has desire and capibilities to do so? As the matter better shut down to all of them? …..

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