ANOTHER BLOW TO NAJIB – Awang Adek admits receiving money

Awang Adek admits receiving “contributions”; another blow to Najib

The article on corruption involving Dato’ Dr. Awang Adek who was an ex-TNB Chairman and  now the Deputy Finance Minister under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak appeared on 27th November  this year in The Whistleblower  711 blog (TWB711).

The blogger stated that “This article is not meant to slander anyone, only to expose the improper conducts of those in it.”

Of course TWB711 has the indisputable and damaging proofs thus Awang Adek had no choice but to admit receiving the money. It is the same with Dr. Chua Soi Lek when his pornographic actions were exposed that he had to put on a brave and shameless face and admitted that it was indeed him in the video. In both incidents there are hands behind the scenes; the political infightings.

Someone who wants the MB post badly and willing to dent further UMNO’s reputation and Najib’s already tarnished image by bringing the contender down. Awang Adek is definitely in the winnable list made by Najib as UMNO’s candidate for Kelantan Menteri Besar should BN manage to end PAS’s long rule in the state.

The infighting in Kelantan is at its peak as Mustaffa Mohamed had earlier on 10th November expressed his willingness as he is also the Head of UMNO Liaison for Kelantan to be the next MB if the top leadership so desired and also that is what Najib promised during the recent UMNO general assembly that the present office bearer set up would be the basis of candidate selection but of course Najib still has the final say. Both Mustaffa and Awang Adek have their people in the Ministry of Finance since Mustaffa was also once the deputy Finance Minister under Mahathir thus the exposé. Mahathir could the one stirring the pot.

Besides the confession by Awang Adek, Shahrizat also pointed out that all the UMNO leaders are tainted with problems; of wrong doing we can presume, if not corruption. What she said did raise many eyebrows. Najib and all top UMNO leaders must have gritted their teeth for these clowns to shut-up!

But Muhyiddin was not left unscathed either because later on 15th December another article by the TWB711 exposed that Dato’ Mohd Shukor Abd Manan, Senior Private Secretary of Muhyiddin was on the take. However today 27th December with full confidence Muhyiddin said he will investigate claims that a senior member of his staff has been taking bribes.

Muhyiddin is confident because the alleged Mohd Shukor is not a cabinet member, Muhyiddin is not seen as directly connected as it could be a personal matter of Mohd Shukor,  and Mustaffa Mohamed who has moles in the Ministry of Finance is Mahathir’s man. But Awang Adek is a cabinet member and Najib has been so quiet without any response to the issue. His silence will create more speculation and further tarnished his reputation as being the one who encourage this sort of affair to go on free for all, while Muhyiddin has put his stance on it.

Where will this snowballed to and how big huge the damage will be both to UMNO and Najib? Obviously Najib is being pressured more and more to give in.


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