The incident – An action statement

 On Saturday 17thDecember 2011 after handing over a memorandum to SUHAKAM demanding for academic freedom and the abolishment of the draconian Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) 1971, the group of student activists who called themselves the Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) gathered at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) where UMNO headquarters is located after handing over the same memorandum to the Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah and in such a charged atmosphere Adam Adli Abdul Halim a 22-year old student from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) in Tanjung Malim lowered the flag bearing the image of the prime minster Najib Razak and replaced it with the “Academic Freedom” flag.

They are against the government’s decision to amend the UUCA which they say is just similar rhetoric to the Political Transformation Program that Najib have made; no real change at all and could be more restrictive like the Assembly Bill. The whole incident lasted no longer than five minutes and Najib’s flag was hoisted back up as soon as the students had finished the gesture of protest.

SMM clarified that it was not Adam Adli alone who lowered and swapped the flag but the whole four hundred of them. Adam Adli insisted that the flag bearing Najib’s image was all the time in his hand and he never let it fall to the ground out of respect. Adli Adam was making a strong, valid, bold and long delayed statement on how hopeless Najib is and the pathetic status of our university students that have been neglected and has been relegated to just the extension of the Upper six classes in secondary schools instead of institutions of higher learning.

The repercussions; criticisms and threats

Adam Adli has drawn a lot of criticism and media attention but stands by his action. The first to react to his now widely known action statement was a pro-government student group led by the Malaysian Student Leaders Alumni aspiration  Association (Persatuan Pemimpin Alumni Mahasiswa Aspirasi Malaysia -Aspirasi) who denounced the SMM actions and produced a counter memorandum which they submitted to Saifuddin’s senior private secretary Mohd Nazri Noh, Aspirasi demanded that Saifuddin be fully responsible for the Dec 17 flag swapping incident which “shamed the dignity of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak” and also called for Saifuddin’s resignation if their demands submitted to his office are not met.

The deputy minister has been very tolerant to the SMM’s demands and very liberal in his personal views pertaining to it but not representing the view of the government. However being just a deputy he can say whatever his view may be, but the authority is still in the hands of the Higher Education Minister, the cabinet and the ultimate power is still with Najib hand who SMM and many of us know is a pathological liar and cannot be depended on for any kind of transformation that he has promised each time with a sly smile on his face for Malaysia. In short Najib has lost his integrity.

The counter demonstration to SMM by Aspirasi held outside the Higher Education Ministry building in Putrajaya was also supported by a group of UMNO supporters from Tanjong Malim demonstrating in the UPSI campus on a few days later but it turned to be just a noisy crowd with not as much participation by the UPSI students as had been hoped by the organizer. Instead there were other gatherings being held in support of Adam Adli who was then has turned to a new Malaysian Poster Boy!

Then a group of men then produced the infamous video in defending Najib shouting vulgarities, threatening to spit on Adam Adli and to slap him for being “kurang ajar”. This group of actors who must have been paid were more likely members of PERKASA the infamous racist Malay group who support and encourage the corruption and wrong doings by UMNO. But if they were just doing it for money, they could get it from Najib by asking Najib to offer to be slapped on his face buy anyone who is willing to pay RM1. Both Najib and the group could be millionaires in no time!

The UMNO news media continue the spin saying that Adam Adli stepped on Najib’s image despite video evidence that he did not. Many of Adam Adli’s supported regretted that Adam Adli had not done so!

The repercussions; supports

Adam Adli then has his own growing numbers of supporters and several groups have declared their support for him including PKR and PAS. But the most inspiring support has been from his sick father who has bought for him a secondhand car for Adam Adli to use to continue his struggle! His father Abdul Halim is an ex-KTMB employee on medical board discharge surviving on less then RM1K per month to support his family and he sacrificed further scrapping from his own meager savings to buy that car for his son.

There is already a “We are all Adam Adli” Facebook with a spontaneous more than 25,900 likes leaving “Anti-Bersih” Facebook at 8,101 and the official 1Malaysia“Najib” Facebook when it began with a mere 3,000 likes.

The repercussions; action against Adam Adli

Both SMM and Adam Adli have refused to apologize for their actions and rightly so and swiftly without much investigation and giving Adam Adli a chance to explain his action and beliefs UPSI under UMNO’s instruction has issued a notice and initiate a disciplinary action against Adam Adli .The notice dated 23.12.11 issued by UPSI’s disciplinary body has brought two charges against him. The 1st Charge alleges, among other things, that Adam Adli has damaged the ‘ good name’ of UPSI and the 2nd Charge alleges that he has ‘endangered morals and public order’. Both charges are baseless, unconstitutional, illegal and plainly absurd. In lowering Najib’s flag, Adam Adli was exercising his right to freedom of expression which is guaranteed under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution.

Adam Adli said he was not worried that the university might expel him as he could find places elsewhere. Furthermore, he added, it is not necessary that one needs to be at a campus to study. However, he is adamant that he did not commit any crime and members of his family have been threatened by UMNO supporters. He personally had been threatened several times since 17th December by one overzealous plain clothe policeman which have been indentified as some one named Mokhtar. A police report has been made pertaining o this. This policeman must have a very small brain which justified his stupid action for nothing but for the benefit of UMNO thieves.

There are more to it than just Adam Adli and the flag swapping action statement

Malaysia under the kleptocratic UMNO/BN government cannot contain the anger of the rakyat anymore. Adam Adli is one of the many pressure valves that have opened up to release the anger of the rakyat. This time it is the turn of the students to avenge their anger. Many pressure valves will be released in the immediate future. SMM has promised a mini revolt against the UMNO/BN government if they restrict the students further by amending the UUCA. Remember it was the self immolation of one Egyptian street vendor that sparked the Tahrir Square revolution!

Najib personally have failed to improve his image that he has cared so much for by spending millions of the rakyat’s money by engaging APCO and FBC media. He is simply stupid to think that his many wrong deeds could be covered by a make up. His has no integrity and by right the flag with his image should be left on the ground with the dirt which is what he is; dirt. By holding Najib’s flag in his hand Adam Adli has shown true heroic, honourable and noble gesture by sparing Najib the humility! It is like a gladiator sparing the life of a defeated opponent in the Roman coliseum.

The UMNO/BN propaganda machines have also failed miserably to brainwash the rakyat especially the younger IT literate generation. Thus Najib has embarked on the free Astro channel (using our money of course) and the RM10 million (also our money) cyber war against the opposition and trying to psycho the young people. The whole scenario also shows how desperate UMNO and Najib is in fighting for the mother of all elections but Adli Adam has shown him that Najib has failed from the start! In fact this new medium of communication like in the Arab spring could be the main instrument in defeating UMNO/BN.

 Adam Adli has reminded us that Najib has also failed in all his transformation programs which are just rhetoric with no real substance at all. UMNO have also failed the nation by appointing Najib as the prime minister without being elected. Najib is never popular and has no support from the majority that his position has been ridiculed by all. Even his deputy Muhyiddin disagrees with him most of the time!

With this incident Adam Adli also shows that the resentment amongst the masses are near boiling point and whatever that Najib has tried to do like continuing to subsides essential items like petrol, gas, flour, rice and sugar is not  enough. The distribution of the RM500 is of no use. The KR1M is a failure and the Kedai Ikan 1Malaysia is a waste. The rakyat is getting more fed up everyday since nobody has been taken to task on the overspendings as reported by the Auditor-General. It is the same for the NFC debacle as whatever seemingly tough action by the MACC is seen by the rakyat is another boring UMNO sandiwara.

 Adam Adli has pointed out that Najib has failed in solving the teething problems faced by our nation like unemployment amongst the graduates, poverty both in the rural and urban areas, wastages in government spending, unnecessary spending on military hardware like the useless Scorpene submarines and the new navy patrol vessels at RM3 billion each involving corruption, the mediocre education system, high cost but low standard of living, racial and religious tensions, and all mismanagement by the UMNO/BN government for the past 54 years and continuous enriching the top few and their cronies.

The rakyat also must know by this wake up call by Adam Adli that the UMNO leaders are only serving their own personal interests and political agenda but not the welfare of the rakyat and the country. RM1 trillion has been stolen to date and yet the country is RM445 billion in debts.

Coincidently the Adam Adli incident was followed by the justice shown by the UMNO/BN government for jailing Khir Toyo for only 12 month found guilty of corruption in the purchase of his house to a tune of RM3.5 million and yet a jobless man who stole a bottle of shampoo be jailed for 24 months! It is the same in the case of the Shahrizat NFC scandal whereby her husband, children who are benefitting from their financial manipulations and yet the MACC is putting the blame on the “Datuk” and others in the Ministry of Finance!

The New Poster Boy; a real flesh, real hero

 Adam Adli with brains, style, bravery, energy, zeal and unselfish attitude should be the icon and the latest Malaysian Poster boy who should be emulated by the younger generation. He should be their hero and one of our heroes as well.

Let us see how drastic Najib will react and how harsh the authorities will punish Adam Adli. However in the present circumstances it would be unwise for Najib to act drastically on this young man or jeopardize his future for that matter. Anyway it would be a futile effort to stop the rising tide and any form of unfair treatment to Adam Adli will just add more fuel to the anger of the rakyat, especially the youths. They need a hero, a real fighter and Najib could be producing one for them!

This is the second time Adam Adli is arrested.

Let us assure him that he is not alone, he has our support and will back him all they way. Vote UMNO/BN out!


13 responses to “ADAM ADLI – REAL FLESH AND BLOOD HERO !!!

  1. Sorry for my late reply..I got my paper today. Thanks for issues highlighted..but sorry I dont jump the gun or buy any of your issues thrown without sound evidents and proof. Iam not the one who can easily share all those me. you can deceive people like Adam..who will swallow stones and sands. So..nevermind if you want to remain as kuchingkurap..that’s your wish ,but bro..get advice from those who are good about names or please do a little bit of reading on this .i dont have specific site but just type and click about good names in islam. Or may be I suggest u use names like Lovely Cat?? or Kuching Jinak?? or Kuching Pandai.

  2. Bro, SORRY TAK SAMPAI HATI NAK PANGGIL YOU KUCHING KURAP..SBB my ustaz kata ITU BOLEH JADI DOA . You re talking about politics which you know Iam not ready for ..I cant even feed myself yet and so do Adam..we have to depend on parents still..politics is not far from us until we finish our study…you talk about coruption from your perspective..go and drag them to court simple as that. I am still a student and I think the system we’re enjoying now partly because of leader like Mahathir ..a student activist with clear objectives..I read Malay Dilema when I was 15. Amalina wrote a book, I m proud of it…and both never left their studies and get into the street…never baring atas jalan ..never turun bendera orang..maki hamun///you see the contrast??? Adam! lets produce a book and finish your degree. I WILL SUPPORT YOU. and Bro, whatever school of thought you belong to, i beg you.. dont spoil Adam’s future. Demi keluarga,agama, bangsa, dan negara…

    • HAKIMY, if you are not ready for politics then so be it. Let those who care about our country do and you keep quiet. Do you know that Bill Gates is a unversity drop put? Do you know that there are 18,000 graduates with no job in Malaysia? Have you seen a lady graduate from UUM Sintok working as a security guard in a shopping complex? Do you know that the majority of people in Malaysia are in debt? Do you know that after Form 5, every youth will be forced to borrow money from PTPTN? Do you know that Malaysia debt is RM445 billon? Well since you are so naive, I don’t think you will understand my point!

      You are also not thinking wisely when you say.. take those who are corrupt to court…well to take them to court there has to be prove. And who in the right mind wwill do corrupt things openly and with proper documents? is easy for you to say bring them to court, yes easy to say.You don’t have to even mention it, I am not stupid either. Surely if people have proof, they will report to the authorities. The problem is now when even after proofs have been given to the MACC, by the way MACC stands for Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission, pertaining to the RM250 million Shahrizat NFC Gemas Feedlot debacle, the UMNO/BN government is not doing anything about it!!! Then HAKIMY if you are so clever, please tell me what to do…please tell me.. Come on…

      Well why do you think my nome de plume is kucingkurapan? See, even a kucingkurapan have the brain to think and senses to understand what is going on in this country, but I dare say that it is unfortunate for people with real good brains can’t undersatnd what is going on in this country!Yes you seems to have the brain….but why can’t you see?

      Amalina wrote a book; see you don’t get my point. In your earlier comment you said that let Adam Adli concentrate on his studies. Adam Adli and Amalina are not like you HAKIMY, you are just a pathetic bookworm and selfish, self-centred, just thinking about your own wellbeing. These peole have more capacity as students then you. They care about others. Amalina care to write for others to read and to know, Adam Adli care that the corrupt UMNO/BN government must not be tolerated anymore.

      HAKIMY you are in your own cocoon, in your own world of fantasy.

    • HAKIMY… I suppose you categorise yourself as an educated intellect who does not lie on the ground, so I am just interested in the intellectual part of you, please read the article at the this link:

      Who is spoiling Adam’s future? Adam Adli is the product of the UMNO/BN education system.

    • HAKIMY, please read this artilce…yeah you are so intelectual and good bookworm..:

  3. Come on Kucingkurap..where were u all this while? were u with Adam when he was caught? or u still at ur laptop at home like me doing research? for u to quote mahathir’s time..wah you cant even make a relative and comparative studies..his time was my granfather’s time when he scored all A’s in his Cambridge but no place for him at the University..he ended up as a Soldier. My father did well in MCE..and got a place in University, he is now a doctor..he dont even understand AUKU. now u know how simple arithmatic works? My concern is Adam is wasting time in the street whilst you and me are thinking how to excel in the final…

    • HAKIMY, if you do’t have the stomach to struggle for change, i.e. removing corrupt UMNO who is now making Malaysia in debt to a tune of RM445 bilion, so be it. We don’t need a thank you from you either but whatever that has befallen unto your family has also occurred to others. The money wasted by UMNO, just look at the RM250 million Shahrizat NFC debacle, that money could benefit more families rather than just Shahrizat’s! That money could be used to produce more doctors and could be better than your father. Do you know that the places in the public universities for the “matrikulasi” students have been reduced by 30%. Why is this so? UMNO/BN government has no more money! Why are you pretending to be naive about the corruption by UMNO? Open up your mind, don’t just be a bookworm. Yes I was not with Adam Adli when he demomstrated but I do support him and supporting any struggle can be in any form, just like you who do not support the struggle, you just give comments. but I wrote in my blog for others to read and think. Have I got it wrong when I gave Mahathir as an example of a student activist?


    • Do you know that Mahathir was also a student activist during his university days? Some people do have the tenacy, ability to do so many things while in the unversity. Amalina Che Bakri managed to write a book while still studying. Many university students all over the world do part-time jobs to make ends meet. These are the kind of people we need in Malaysia to advance further, ot just being book worms from standard one until their Phds. HAKIMY, this is the time to think big, not being bookworms, unless you yourself are just a myopic bookworm.

  5. masing-masing ada pandangan dan pendapat cuma cara penyampaian yang berbeza, apa nak digusarkan sangat dengan hal bendera selagi bukan lambang negara, cuma imej pemimpin shj yang bukan semua orang suka dan bukan dipilih oleh majoriti (dilantik sebagai penganti oleh sebahagian wakil kepada rakyat). Kadang2 semua orang tidak berfikir waras walaupun mendakwa hidup lebih lama dari sipelaku, kenapa kaitkan dengan politik, anak2 inilah yang meruntun untuk membina masa depan mereka, bukan dicerca tapi harus dibantu dan dipandu kalau tersilap. Ramai merasakan mereka betul sahaja tapi tidak memberi tunjuk ajar malah memaki hamun keluarga sipelaku, contoh yang baik kah mereka ini? Kadang2 merasa kelakar pula memikirkan mereka yang taksub mengata mereka yang taksub juga, siapa yang tidak taksub sebenarnya. Saya mengikuti perkembangan ini sejak kejadian, memikirkan apakah implikasinya setelah lebih seminggu, tiada apa yang merosakkan rakyat setakat ini selain dari kutuk mengutuk antara sesama, takn biadap kah ini?
    Wahai tuan2 yang bijaksana diluar sana, banyak masalah negara yang terjadi didepan mata sekarang ini tapi ditutup oleh media dan pemesongan isu, apakah ini perlu di diamkan? Perlu fikir dengan rasional bagaimana mereka yang dipilih menjalankan kewajipan untuk rakyat menggunakan kouta 30 / 70 (30 utk rakyat, 70 utk sendiri) walaupun tidak semua tetapi tidak ramai yang menyalak seperti isu ini kerana mereka dapat nikmat drpnya, tidakkah pentingkan diri namanya? Maka ramailah yang berlagak hero dan tiba2 menjadi samseng kerana takut sumber rezeki yang belum tahu halal haramnya tergugat, sama2lah kita beringat akan azab ALLAH, sebab kita tidak khuatir kerana azabNYA tidak nampak lagi malah ada yang tak percaya akan adanya pembalasan, kalau percaya kenapa masih menyokong yang bathil?

    Terima kasih, setakat ini dahulu, salam sesama islam.

  6. Bagus Adam Adli and Bravo penyokong politik dan semua yg suker sangat dengan tingkah laku dia ni. Ramai2 yg taksub and cakap Adam tak buat salah. Adam betul dan Adam Hero. Yer .. esok lusa kita tengok pulak anak2 muda MELAYU yg masuk Arkib, Mezium, lobby2 bangunan kerajaan dan dengan suka2 turunkan harta benda yg tergantung kat dinding, suka2 ubah harta awam, suka2 buat apa sahaja pada harta orang hanya berlandaskan ‘Freedom’ principals yang dorong oleh pengkhianat bangsa sepertiman “Matlamat Menghalalkan Cara”. Mampus lah orang Melayu. Sejak satu individu homo tak dapat jadi PM Malaysia, korang dibawa masuk kedalam kancah yang sangat menjijikan. Ingat semua orang Melayu yg taksub bahawa satu hari nanti akan wujud satu kumpulan yg akan melakukan perkara yang sama seperti Adam Adli terhadap harta benda anda. Pada ketika itu aku nak tengok air muka anda .. Muka Melayu Tak Bermaruah .. Islam tak mengajar kita menceroboh harta benda orang lain mahupun harta benda sang Kafir. Rasullulah pernah bersabda bahawa “Jika engkau sedang marah, duduklah .. maka dengan berbuat demikian kamu akan tenang” .. Adam Adli, follow lah Rasullulah saw. Bukan follow Anwar Ibrahim cucuk depan belakang.

    • Tetapi bagaimana caranya untuk menangani masalah rasuah dan salahgunakuasa UMNO? Adakah dengan menurunkan bendera ini menjatuhkan nilai budaya orang Melayu, sedangkan apakah tindakan anda terhadap Melayu yang membuang anak, Melayu bohsia, Melayu menyeleweng seperti Shahrizat, Melayu membunuh Altantuya, Melayu yang menghabiskan wang rakyat, Melayu yang membogelkan hutan balak, Melayu yang menjual pasir secara tak sah ke Singapura, Melayu yang terkinja-kinja dengan konsert barat, Melayu yang tak sembahyang, Melayu yang ke kedai 4-nombor ekor….. Anda ini umpama gajah di depan mata tak nampak, kuman di seberang laut nampak!!!!

      Kenapa anda tidak keluarjkan Hadith terhadap perkara-paerkara ini? Kenapa tak mahu ikut contoh Rasulullah pulak? Adakah Islam menyuruh kita rasuah? Oh apabila Adam Adli memprotes anda rujuk pada Hadith….

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