What will be the mother of all scandals?
The answer is if UMNO still wins the next GE-13 election with a two-third majority despite all odds; infightings, backstabbing, corruption, stealing our funds, debacles, blunders and every  pandora box being opened.
Many political analysts both local and abroad have been following the political scenarios, climate and temperatures in Malaysia and have concluded in one form or another that UMNO/BN cannot win in the next GE.
The main problem is within UMNO itself. There is no more unity and self-esteem in the party. It neither has no clean, honest, strong and capable leadership nor any clear and plausible agendas for the Malays and the entire country. The only strong “glue” that can somehow unite UMNO is money; huge amount of money but unfortunately it is now in short supply.
More Malay votes will swing towards the opposition, this has happened twice, first in the 1969 GE where the Malay votes for the opposition increased from 15% to 25%, resulting in the Alliance just gained 77 out of 140 seats and the second one in the 2008 GE. The Malays can do it again this time.
 There will be very few UMNO leaders who are willing to step down voluntarily as the scandal tainted Sharizat who is obviously in the wrong, still adamant not to resign and so are the openly  racists Ahmad Maslan and the UMNO outcast Khairy. Some tainted UMNO even tried to be candidates. Thus any forced stepping down will anger the already dissatisfied UMNO members and party workers to continue to sabotage and backstab the UMNO candidates if the horses they have bet on were not allow to run in the race. There is no such thing as a “winnable candidate”; there is no such person in UMNO who clearly fits this description. This is happening both at the federal and state levels.
The Chinese have almost all decided that the UMNO and all the BN component parties should be voted out. The Indians though still not confirmed will eventually be persuaded by the Indian NGOs to vote PR.
Thus UMNO/BN will not use their own strength which is disintegrating, but will use outside forces to ensure winning.
The usual tricks but on a more intense scale
UMNO will use the government machineries to the fullest and the national media to embark on the most aggressive propagandas since independence.
Government servants especially teachers and the KEMAS staff, various departments will be mobilized like preparing for war and jihad as have been proclaimed by the recent UMNO AGM. The airwaves will be saturated by with all sorts of attacks on the opposition and whatever achievements by Najib. UMNO will also use the mosques and imams for votes.
The police, arm forces and other law enforcement agencies will be used to harass the oppositions and all activities related to the opposition. In fact some of the opposition leaders could be charge with some form of wrong doings using the so many laws and jailed. Some would also be jailed and it won’t be a surprise if someone is even murdered! UMNO would even create fear into the minds of the people and threaten them not to vote for the opposition.
The Election Commission (EC/SPRM) is now so busy to prepare the register of voters and to include all the new citizens into the list. It won’t be surprised if the SPRM publish the latest list for the next GE-13.The votes will also be rigged on a very large scale to the extent of the counts being so improper to be illogically unacceptable but the EC will continue with the scam.
Then the pork barrel thing will come into play; the remaining money that UMNO/BN still has in their coffers will be used to buy votes at strategic constituencies for maximum gain. Where possible UMNO will use the race card to instill fear, hatred and distrust amongst the various races; they will divide and rule.
PERKASA will be used to brainwash the Malays to distrust the Chinese and lured them to vote for UMNO. UMNO will put the blame on all the racial riots on DAP despite the fact that UMNO is the one who has been so consistently racists and have tried several times to start some  sort of racial riots, fortunately Malaysians don’t buy that anymore. Ibrahim Ali will get more money and will be promised some position in the cabinet and even if he does not stand for election, he will be appointed a senator.
If the margin is still too narrow, UMNO/BN will embark on buying the winners from the opposition and by hook or by crook they will get the few they need to leave the PR and join BN.
So if UMNO/BN despite the hopeless situation of winning but with so many tricks they can win the next general election, that would be the most scandalous thing in our history; the mother of all scandals.

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