UMNO president speech in the next general assembly.

Najib would have wished that the snow had not yet thaw on the ground so that the dirt and mud on the ground would still be nicely covered under the pure white blanket, and the scene is beautiful as far as the eyes can see. Unfortunately for him the present scenes in Malaysia are deplorable and disgustingly ugly.

Najib will have an impossible task to paint over these scenes especially the recent ones there are still freshly exposed and those that are difficult to forget.

He may have to digress a lot from the prepared speech because he knows that it is a whole load of bull, unless he does not have any conscience at all.

Since he has just been back from performing the Hajj, he would prefer to be addressed as Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Najib, at least from now until the next general election. Had not Chegubard pre-empted the move that the media will air continuously the clip and show photos Najib performing the Hajj and inside the Kaabah, the UMNO propagandists would surely have shown them.

Thus it would be most appropriate to begin his speech in quoting from the holy verses choosing the appropriate ones to fit the occasion. Najib will then remind those in the assembly that they have a great responsibility to shoulder for the Malays and the entire nation, not that anybody would pay heed to. He would also criticize, reprimand, praise them and above all to give them the assurance that he (Najib) is still the only person capable to bring about changes for the betterment of UMNO and the country, and the only leader that they must give their full and unwavering support thus there should not be any changes in the present leadership hierarchy. He will be quick and try to be forceful on that.

He will then start the air-brushing.

The speech will then be concentrated on convincing the entire nation especially the voters (since it will be a live telecast) to convince them to give him and UMNO/BN the trust to bring Malaysia to its glory by repeating the list of all the good deeds of UMNO.

The struggle for independence will again be touched to remind us that UMNO is the one who struggled for independence with some help from the Chinese, Indians and other ethnic communities. He will rebuke Mat Sabu on the role of Mat Indera and the communists. Despite all the inter-religious and inter-racial spats short of upheavals, he wants us to be united but without any suggestion how it could be achieved since Malaysia is in dire straits and at various cross-roads in religion, economy, education and politics.

Najib will also touch on the various developments under the previous prime ministers and he will somehow reiterate the need to maintain similar economic policies that will benefit the Malays without jeopardizing the other races. Yes, this is to assure the Malays that their “special privilege” will never be sacrificed. He will avoid all controversial issues like the word “Allah”, apostasy, proselytizing and LGBT.

He will touch on the rights of every citizen, groups, and minorities and will look into their demands and grievances. He will also use this opportunity to explain about the launch and institutionalizing of “the Global Movement of the Moderates” in Kuala Lumpur at the inaugural International Conference on the Global Movement of the Moderates (CGMM) his only probable and trivial legacy, from Jan 17 to 19. He would wish that this will help to divert the attention of most of the rakyat away from the domestic problems. In his mind, he would also wish that he could start a war in a foreign country just like the US president have done to smother the burning domestic problems, after all he has just met Obama in Hawaii. He will again mention that democracy in Malaysia has matured because the UMNO/BN government allowed dissent and he has already announced the repeal of the ISA and form the Parliament Select Committee on Election (PSCE) to improve the election system.

But this CGMM will have no effect to smother the BERSIH 2.0 event, infact there is already BERSIH 3.0 in the making. He will not be able to wipe off our memories on the murder of Altantuya, death of Kugan in police custody, trigger happy police killing Amirulrasyid, Ong Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini under the nose of MACC and the continuous political persecution of Anwar Ibrahim to mention a few. We know that whatever recommendation by the PSCE, just like the commission for the PDRM, will never be implemented.

He will go on to explain the status and achievements of the GTP, NKRA, ETP and 1Malaysia, although he knows that these policies have achieved nothing except ridicule and controversies. He will put all the blames on the world’s economy, the financial problems he inherited from the previous prime ministers and the opposition who scared the investors away. Thus he will ask the rakyat to give him more time to get all the policies into reality that will provide higher income and minimum wages without even having the need of any legislature.

However the national debt at RM407 billion and the government overspending of RM3.73 billion as reported by the Auditor General complete with the details on the Gemas, Shahrizat-link NFC debacle amounting to RM250 million ending with some “cows staying in a condominium”, the Tourism Ministry overpaying RM270 million for advertisement and expensive display rack, buying expensive night vision binoculars by the Marine Department and so on won’t be able to be painted white by Najib. He will mention that the government will take all steps necessary to take those involved to task and improve the management and procurement procedures but he won’t mention any serious involvement of the MACC, this would be disastrous for UMNO/BN. He will not touch on the MAS-AirAsia share swap simply and TNB/IPP relations because MAS, like TNB are not making money and have become a huge burden for the government and the rakyat.

Since he has nothing much to say because nothing much have been done and achieved by him thus far, and being cautious not to delve too much away from the prepared speech he will just make a few announcements on the coming year-end bonus for the “hard-working” civil servants and to maintain the subsidies on the selective goods and services, and no belt-tightening yet since the general election is just around the corner.

He will end the speech by wishing everybody a happy general assembly eyeing Rosmah for approval.


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