….from part 2

We will never be able to know whether the person standing next to us is facing many problems and what are his or her worries but the fact that we are being government by the same UMNO/BN government for the past 54 years, we do have many things in common.

The most important things in our lives are able to be happy, peaceful, stay healthy, and grow old gracefully all along with some achievements and successes in our undertakings along the way. The main ingredients in this endeavour are good income, good home, nice family, pleasant society plus a good, responsible and caring government to manage the country.

But lately our aspirations have all been held hostage by the government when our country is at the brink of collapse and bankruptcy. Today the ordinary Malaysians are suffering from a host of problems including rising prices of essential goods as mentioned earlier and corrupt politicians.

Inter religious and inter racial tensions have heightened. The education system is in a mess without any coherent policy. Costs of living are getting higher. There is no improvement in healthcare; with the waiting time of several hours and specialist treatment taking several months for just an appointment! Our children after Form 5 are now being taught to start life with borrowing by the PTPTN and encouraging the Ah Longs to do more business.

While the media have been reporting on the proposed mega projects like the MRT (RM53 billion), the 100 storey skyscraper (RM5 billion), Stadium Merdeka to be replaced by a posh residential area and plazas (RM3 billion), the relocation and re-development of the Sg. Besi airbase (RM 8 billion) and the beautification of the Klang River in KL (RM4 billion), we were and still are shocked by the recent revelations of the National Debt in 2010 at RM407 billion then followed by the Auditor General report on the callous and over spending of the government in 2010 by RM3.73 billion!

When scrutinized further the Tourism Ministry overspent RM270 million, the National Feedlot Corporation in Gemas sent RM250 million down the drain and many things purchased at exorbitantly high price and many more. Note that the PKFZ scandal will cost us an accumulative RM12 billion.

The question that arises is, whether these projects are necessary and what benefits or national gains will they bring to our country which is battling inflation and corruption? The common man is not able to make two ends meet.

There are many unemployed graduates and then factories shifting out to cheaper regions. While there are pompous proclamations that the mega projects will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, most of them were for the Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Vietnamese and other foreigners and the ones allocated for the locals are haplessly few. Whatever job opportunities have also been grabbed by others such that there are many traders are in fact foreigners, even the product promoters are not being spared. There are many lady promoters for various products who are foreigners.

The cry for minimum wage has not been implemented. Business people just want to make profit. If someone who can do the job at a lower pay why not? These foreigners can survive on pittance and live in boxes, under the bridges, in cramp and stuffy conditions, yes, but they are foreigners where such earnings and living conditions are much better than their homelands. Locals can never compete with them. Thus the government instead of giving the foreigners automatic citizenships, which would not guarantee anything or even could back fire, why not provide better working conditions and salary guidelines because they are could even be persuaded to vote for the UMNO/BN.

Malaysia is not a landlocked country and we have all the facilities and natural resources. Rain and sunshine are abundant, yet we still have water supply problem and not interested in tapping the solar energy. Our electricity bills are getting higher by just depending on the TNB being forced to purchase power from the IPPs. The government must change their mindset and priorities in developing the nation; priority should be in the basic needs of the nation and not just the wishes of a group of people.

The police, MACC, the Attorney General, corrupt judges and several other government bodies have all done injustice to the people, yet not only that their complaints went to deaf ears those people in these corrupt bodies are being defended by the government and even rewarded!

Our natural resources must be properly managed too. Unfortunately the Government does not have a sense of responsibility. The government has been indirectly encouraging more landslide disasters by approving many hill slope development projects including new farm land and residential areas. The Lynas rare earth project is so controversial but there seems to be no real concern on anyone in the government to take charge and be held responsible. This is just proving that something is very wrong and nobody wants to be responsible for the disaster.

It is appropriately observed that the Government finds it easy to raise taxes. It emphasises on only receipts but completely ignores expenditure and does not bother to control it. The Government commits blunders and follies in planning and the rakyat has to pay through our noses for the mistakes.

People who have connections, the rich, famous and the powerful can succeed by having free rides with government funds like in the case of Shahrizat Jalil Gemas NFC RM250 million debacle. We, our children and their children have to tighten our belts, struggle, worry, quarrel, hide from Ah Longs and face all sorts of hindrance just to stay alive and stay afloat.

The rakyat will only be visited and given tokens of care during the election campaigns. Some will be given tarred roads, some will get their dilapidated surau refurbished, some dangerously old timber bridges will be replaced, the new villages will somehow be spruced up with much fanfare, few will get the long waited electricity and piped water supplies, some will get new bicycles, some will get new corrugated galvanized zinc roof sheets, some will get subsidies for new dentures, some babies would be kissed by the ministers and many will get pocket money to vote. Even during this period, the gifts would all be short changed by the UMNO/BN agents who will always pocket most of the funds allocated for the gifts to the people.

The people on the other hand should think and must realize that they are being cheated. Unfortunately, they have all been brainwashed through the UMNO/BN media, all these gifts will be aired on the televisions, and interviews will be held whereby the people will all say that they are so grateful to the UMNO/BN for providing them such help and some would even have happy tears. So when the people are so easily being fooled and they are the majority of the voters, UMNO/BN will be able to win each time in the general election.

The opposition parties must realize that unless and until they manage to convince the ordinary Malaysians and not just those who are already on their side, the blunders in Malaysia will continue unabated.

But, unfortunately for us, most of the people at the helm of affairs are thick-headed and thick-skinned, and indifferent to the plight of the common man. The people will continue to be taken for many more rides but who should be blamed when the plight of ordinary Malaysians are not being heard?


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