The insecurity factor, uncertain future, fuelled by economic and social grievances and need to control, manipulate, challenge and overcome the insecurity factor are the main motivation for embracing all forms of mass rallies.

The planned Himpunan is an act of panic and desperation emancipated from the Malay minds. In the past, the Malays have been living a simple way of life and almost in a sedentary manner. When their leaders told them that there is more than what there is in the kampongs, many of them realized that they want part of the action too, just part of it and nothing more. They got their chance but unfortunately things are not getting better and not sustainable, thus they now feel unsecure.

This is like the natives walking bare footed being convinced to wear shoes and given free but ultimately when the shoes worn out, they refused to walk bare footed and at the same time they can’t afford to pay for new ones and the leaders who provided them earlier are not able to give free shoes anymore since there are so many of them now!

The Malays are feeling insecure in every facet of their lives including the future of their faith. This has been going on since the 60s when the Malays through UMNO had done so many unscrupulous things to stay in power. Staying in power means able to get want you want and who get what and by how much. The Malays in general have not been getting what they have been promised by UMNO. The irony is that the Malays themselves do not know what they want. The Malays can’t even understand that they have been betrayed by their own leaders. Their economy in shambles, many of their leaders are corrupt, there is no real effort to uphold their religion and their leaders are the front for many of the rich and influential non-Malay business people. The Malay leaders have been using the Malays to maintain their luxurious life-styles. The Malays depend and put too much trust on their leaders. But now, the leaders are losing power!

UMNO had been placing army facilities in strategic states to ensure votes. They had changed boundaries of constituencies, misused the postal ballots, used scare tactics, used money politics, use racial cards and religious undertones, and illegally used the public media and government machineries and the ISA to ensure winnings. UMNO has never won in a “gentleman” way through clean, fair and transparent democratic platform. When the Malays and UMNO have used all the resources, they have no choice but put the blame on others for their own faults, so they resort to having mass rallies by pouring in the fuels of insecurity, thus the Himpunan. But will they succeed? Or will it serve anything at all? Only time will tell.


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