As Muslims we must base all our actions on Islam and Islam guides us from the cradle to the grave more so when whatever that we are going to do is out of our normal daily activities and in public.

Islam teaches us that there must be a group amongst us to enjoin good and to repulse against bad; this is one aspect of “Fardhu Kifayah”.  In doing so, several factors need to be considered. The intention, the method, the purpose and the plausible effect of the actions must be ascertained.

One must only do the action for Allah, for the sake of the religion. There should not be any personal interest like for personal glamour and fame. Likewise it is not for show and in vain.

We must also refer back to the ways of the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions (ra) or refer to the fatwa of the ulamas. In Islam all our actions are considered as “ibadah” and we must qualify that action to be so and if not it will be of no benefit in the hereafter. Certain things that we do but were not done during the times of the Prophet are “bidaah”, innovation or re-invention. This is not allowed in Islam. However, the fatwa given by the ulamas ruled that if the effect is good or at least resulted in more good than bad, it is permissible. When a category of our action is just permissible, then our deeds bear neither rewards nor punishment; just neutral. But the risk that bad things could happen along the way must be considered less it would be considered as otherwise.

Now before one decides to join the above gathering, one must be sure of oneself, for one will be judged by one’s actions. Make sure that we know what we are doing. Get the program of the event to check on the proposed activities whether any of them is against Islamic principles. Is there any session allowed for the daily obligatory solat (prayers). Are there provisions for the place and facilities for doing the ablutions? What about the ladies. Have they been catered for? In Islam, even if we do our daily “zikir” throughout the day without performing the obligatory solat, it bears no fruit. What more if in a gathering like this which will include firery and emotional speeches and shouting that could invoke strong emotions in the rowdy crowds will it in the end gets the blessing from Allah? This is important because is it supposedly in the name of Islam.

The organizers must clarify all these issues and make known to all. They must also ensure that the rights of others must not be infringed. There must be proper crowd management and support facilities if anything undue happens. Visit the website and find out. There is still time for everyone to consider.


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