From Mindnoevil;

Let me put is straight forward. The death of the Bernama cameraman is a good example of UMNO’s stupidity or at least an UMNO member/supporter/organiser.

  • What is the actual purpose of sending the media entourage to Somalia in the first place?
  • What is there to be gained, to be achieved and to show?
  • What is the newsworthy of the whole endeavour?
  • Has the “death mission” been prepared well enough?
  • Then what sort of preparation, briefings, instructions, guidelines or even training was carried out for the “death mission” there?
  • Is the organizer so dumb that he is not aware of the war inflicted country?

I frankly don’t know. Maybe someone responsible can explain, but for what? Noramfaizul is dead.

We have all heard about the “Skyhawk Down” . One of our soldiers died in that incident, the one manning the APC. Come on… , UMNO had been more than prepared for the debacle of doing some foolish feat at Mt. Everest! Why is UMNO so callous about this “death mission” in Somalia? My only conclusion is that the one organizing this “death mission’ is simply stupid!

Then all of a sudden, UMNO is trying to portray Noramfaizul as a hero! What hero? A dead one for sure! But what achievement was being intended by him in Somalia to die a hero that would benefit our nation? Please I am not belittling the late Noramfaizul, it is far from it, I want an apology, and a complete explanation of the questions I have raised and bring forward the stupid culprit who organized this “death mission”, then sue.

By the way RM200K is not sufficient, it is peanuts. Let say his income was between RM 40K to RM70K per year as the years would have passed and he worked for 30 years, so the most plausible amount is between RM1.2 million and RM2.1 million, which is including his EPF savings.

No pointing fingers please and no lousy justifications. Noramfaizul died because of someone’s stupidity. AlFatihah for Noramfaizul.


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