A lot of people are excited about the coming general election but many just couldn’t care less. Please ask yourself the big question What will happen to me when a new government runs the country? Will it be better or worse for me” Everyone must ponder and try to envisage and visualize the possibilities. If Pakatan Rakyat wins and rule Malaysia, I don’t know what they will do simply because they have never rule Malaysia yet since independence. But what are the prospects if UMNO/BN continues ruling?

I have some plausible scenarios. You may agree and you may not but, above all, I hope I am wrong.

The Economy

The economy will be in very bad shape for the following reasons.

  • The world economy will still be bad and affecting Malaysia. The FDI will fall and demands for our exports will recede.
  • Malaysia has no more huge funds and financing both by borrowing and issuing bonds will not be enough simply because Malaysia has not enough money even to honour its present commitments. Malaysian bonds are junks.
  • UMNO/BN will continue with their greed to plunder our country and create more blunders. UMNO/BN will never learn a simple lesson that we must have enough savings for rainy days. Petronas was meant to be some sort of a financial security for Malaysia and with its once huge undisturbed fund could be used to support our ailing economy or at least as a “jump-start”. Unlike Singapore that still have a very huge fund in case of any severe economic hardship which is under the sole jurisdiction of their president, our Petronas funds have all been siphoned out like nobody cares!

The economy will move for a while, and then it will be stagnant and eventually fall out. There will be very few development projects in the public sector but the private sector will strive hard to grow. Private companies still have the resources to develop, but it will also run out of steam within one year after election.


There will be more people out of jobs. Fresh graduates and those who have not found any job now will have to continue chasing for the few jobs available. Whatever jobs created by UMNO/BN will just be for foreigners. UMNO/BN recently announced that they will provide over 300K jobs and 250K will be for the Indons, Banglas, Pakistanis, Indians, and workers from Indochina. Malaysians will have to be patient, sit at home and continue watching TV1, TV2, TV3, TV7, TV8, TV9, Bernama TV, Astro Prima and all the propaganda and make beliefs by UMNO/BN that Malaysia is peaceful, prosperous, harmony, low unemployment rates and Malaysia has so many jobs that it needs one million foreigners to fill in the vacancies! Yes, those who support UMNO/BN and still out of jobs you can be proud!!

Malaysia’s Debts

I don’t want o go into details but just look at the tables below, all taken from the CIA website.

This entry records the cumulative total of all government borrowings less repayments

Public debt (% of GDP)

















Debt – external (Billion US$)













Total Malaysian Government Debt

Current liabilities, total

RM million




UMNO/BN will continue plundering our wealth




UMNO/BN is making Malaysia bankrupt just like Idris Jala had predicted.

  • The costs of all the projects have all been marked-up so that the extra costs will be kickbacks for those in power. Based on simple estimates nearly all mega-projects eventually cost at least 1.5 times the original cost. This means for every 1km of highway, we should have got 2.5km. For every airport, we should have 2.5 airports. For every 1km of railway, we should have 2.5km of railway. For every power plant we should have 2.5 numbers of power plants, for every bridge, we should have 2.5 bridges and for every government building, we should have 2.5 buildings. This is why Malaysia is going bankrupt.
  • Petronas, banks, FELDA, Sime Darby, MAS, Telekom, TNB and many other businesses that are supposed to generate income for the government are not performing well. They have so many debts and losses. Even our EPF (KWSP) has not been spared. UMNO/BN is so desperate to get fund that their next target will be the EPF starting from RM6billion being given to FELDA. More money from our EPF will be siphoned out. Eventually, the EPF (pension fund) will have no money to pay out to the contributors and the retired workers will have to wait several months to get paid. This happened to Venezuela in the late 80s and the Venezuelians went on riots. (This was coupled with the devaluation of the bolivar, meaning the value of the pension funds had been much less then what it ought to be and the financial reforms carried out by the Venezuelian government then)

Read here: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/09/05/what-if-govt-cannot-repay-epf/


The slow, pathetic and corrupt civil service

If UMNO/BN wins in the next general election, we will still have the bad civil service. Most of the present civil servants are slow, pathetic and corrupt. They have been pampered so much by UMNO/BN simply to get their votes. The top post, key personnel and bosses are all hand-picked by the UMNO/BN to serve their interests. In short UMNO/BN has somehow managed to create a civil service serving UMNO/BN and not dedicated to serving the rakyat. But there are also those in service that is not happy with UMNO/BN but they are being suppressed and denied promotions because they are not ball carriers.

Cost of living, summons, education, healthcare, crimes and loan sharks (ah long)

The costs of living will increase. There will be more poor people and the number of urban poor will increase. Everything needs money. Taxes will be increased. Summons and fines will be higher and whenever possible the UMNO/BN government will get the rakyat to pay. We have been informed how lavish the PM and his wife spending the rakyat’s money like nobody cares. We have seen what the UMNO/BN government has done to get the rakyat pay for all the wastages. We pay for higher electricity bills for the blunders by TNB & IPPs, the extra charges for medical care due to privatization of the hospital maintenance, the extra costs for privatization of water supply, subsidies being reduced so that the money is used by the UMNO/BN to bail out cronies and badly managed GLCs.

PTPTN will continue to encourage young Malaysians to start borrowing money they can’t afford even before starting work. This money borrowing culture will make the loan shark business grow and benefit those behind these ah longs. The standard of education will be very low. Our graduates can’t speak English anymore and they will not be world class. They will not be able to work overseas, this is how the UMNO/BN government going to stop the brain-drain. Hospitals will not be upgraded and the service will be bad, slow and the waiting time will take days.


In short, the future under UMNO/BN will be very grim. We have been taken for a ride for so many times; 12 times actually. UMNO/BN only has slogans and rhetoric but has never fulfilled most of their major promises. All these we know have happened for the past 54 years. It is time for us to change.



  1. I agree to your views in total. Infact the Finance Minister of Malaysia should be a qualified Chartered accountant to chart out our economy and save for the rainy days like Singapore.
    Foreign workers both white collar and non skilled labour have taken over from the locals; they too are eating into our subsidies and amenities. Right from housing, food and transport. 90% of KTM commuters are foreigners.

    Many Institutions of Higher Learning are employing foreigners even for non academic staffings. Please ask the Ministry of Human Resourses, Ministry of Higher Education and the Immigration Department for the figures; thus denying Malaysians for a job in their own country.
    How many billions are being repariated by these foreigners even by maids??? Better to change the present government so that we and our future generation shall be proud of us; thus enabling them to have a better tomorrow!

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