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“UMNO didn’t take up arms to secure independence. Other people laid down their lives. What UMNO did, was run the final fourth lap, where the previous 3 were executed by others. What the hawkish and right wing elements UMNO have done is to claim absolute credit”

Saddam Hussein took control of Iraq when he became the leader of the infamous Ba’ath Party, a leftist’s nationalistic party in 1979. There were many power struggles before that but all amongst the Iraqis themselves without any major outside involvements. Sadam

In 2003 the USA invaded Iraq and until the present day, those in power now are all puppets of the US.

The predicament that the Iraqis are facing now is that Saddam was the enemy of his own people but the present day Iraqi government is the proxy of the US. The present Iraqi government which was put to power by the US through a staged-election is not given birth by Iraq; it is a test-tube product of the US.

Nouri Maliki was appointed by Bush

Nouri Maliki was appointed by Bush

Malaysia gained independence without any revolts and bloodshed not because our leaders were so genius then, but simply because the British were in control of everything. The British has got nothing to lose when Malaya was given” independence”, simply because we were still much dependent on Britain.

Mat Indera

Britain dictated everything. Malaya’s economy was under British hands. The security forces, banks, education, judiciary, land, mines, estates, officials and even our head of states and rulers were under their thumbs. The British left behind their boys to take control of things for them. Many of those boys were more British then the British themselves. The British even decided which party could be included in the elections and which person should be the candidates, all hand-picked by the British. In short, UMNO was hand-picked by the British and despite all the efforts of other parties struggling for independence, UMNO was chosen. This was done at the end of the direct British rule, just like what happened in Iraq today and also in Afghanistan for that matter, but only this time it is the US and not the British.

Mat Sabu

So open up your minds and think about what Mat Sabu has said and know the story of Mat Indera before you support UMNO/BN blindly. Pakatan Rakyat is the only true product of Malaysia.


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