A reminder

Malaysia is in trouble and the trouble is going deeper and deeper. I am very concern about this phenomenon because it directly affects me. It affects you too.

  • The economy is not good. The Q1 predicted for next year is a meager 3.6% growth. A pathetic and depressing figure. At this rate Mahathir will be very upset because surely Vision 2020 is now doomed. Malaysia is going into an “economic seizure” and no economy emergency unit can do anything about it. Najib of course is out of any tangible ideas. Idris Jala’s doomsday prediction is indeed coming near! Be reminded. We all know that this is the inevitable result of UMNO/BN wrong doings including corruption, mismanaging the economy, bad strategy and the plundering of the country’s wealth and funds. Even UMNO members know about this and why not, they are the ones who are also involved.
  • The political scenario is no better either. UMNO has its own infightings and has several teams trying to oust each other and the same with the BN component parties all to the brink of making the 50 year old alliance to disintegrate in front of our own eyes and within our life time. Many of you would be very happy but, since they are still in power, with all these distractions, the country is running on “auto-pilot” and in stormy weather some technical problems could occur that will be threatening to our country.
  •  The other problem is the prospect of PR itself. PR is just a 3 year old infant. The supporters have high expectations and are very impatient. Some are already turning away from PR, some have voiced out their frustrations and dismay towards PR. This is further aggravated by attacks and sabotages from its adversaries. The performance, behavior and attitude of some of the PR leaders are also not helping the situation.
  • The racial and religious tolerances have all changed to tensions. Still UMNO/BN is not doing anything about it either. Some say they are the ones who instigated it and then add more petrol.

My plea

  • Please remember that UMNO/BN has been around for 54 years and with all the blunders, enough is enough. Vote them out and give PR a chance. Forget all our differences. Like I mentioned earlier, PR is just an infant. If you have tolerated UMNO/BN for 52 years, then why must you have a different standard towards PR and want all things to be done swiftly? Let us put PR into power and this will put an immediate stop to the plundering of our funds. Some stolen funds could also be recouped. Some may say that in the end PR will also be doing the same thing. Yes, I agree, there is always a possibility but, then we can vote them out too when the time comes!
  •  Things can always be ironed out later.We can be united as the BERSIH 2.0 experience has shown us with people of all religions, all races and all walk of lives can unite for one cause. As supporters I am not worried about your loyalty towards PR but what about the majority of the voters who are still blind and insensitive towards UMNO’s blunders? These group of people are the real king maker. They don’t even know about the alternative media. They will simply believe and just swallow what the main stream media tell them. Their minds are easily twisted and their support for UMNO/BN is deep rooted, some say they have blue blood. As there are many young people supporting PR, please then go back and tell your parents and relatives the truth about the present situation. Make this coming Merdeka Day,  Hari Raya, Christmas, CNY, Deepavali , Vesak Day, Gawai and other celebration as your personal campaign and contribution to the betterment of our country. You can make history. Tell them that UMNO/BN is only good during elections and then never fulfill what they promised after winning. Persuade them not to vote UMNO/BN. Convince them to change the government.


  1. Vote PR and make DSAI PM? Not in a million years… Sorry.

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