Politics and Authority

Let us give both the DUMC and Hassan Ali the benefit of the doubt. We accept both explanations and move forward.

However before I continue, I would like to just touch a bit on the matter. JAIS has the authority and had enforced it albeit with controversy in the way it was carried out. So next time the authority must be more careful. JAIS must also justify the matter with proof to clear any doubts on its accusation that the DUMC is proselytizing the Muslims.

The DUMC has denied proselytizing the Muslims but had admitted that some of the things mentioned are true but with no hidden agenda whatsoever. DUMC has admitted that the questionnaire being distributed are just quizzes and nothing more, albeit this is the first time that I have heard of a charity dinner having quizzes as part of the program which somewhat inappropriate questions on Islam rather than Christianity, or may be on charity matters.

Hassan Ali has made his day. He has made his point. The politicians as usual will try to politicize the issue to their benefits or the party’s benefits. Fortunately they are cool headed. The matter in fact is under the responsibility of the Selangor government, the raid was conducted by JAIS and not by any political party. This is a test for the Selangor government and also the PR to prove their performance. PR should face it with care, prudence and maturity. In one word;  wisely.

There are high hopes on PR from the voters who are very critical and impatient. They have knee-jerk response. They commented, shouted and voiced their anger, fear and frustration with emotions and without thinking, at the verge of condemning the 3 year old Pakatan Rakyat. The UMNO/BN politicians, scholars and media are not helping either with a clear intention of turning the issue into another bogeyman to influence the Malay psyche and to some extent the rest of the population.

In general many have commented. Most are long on comments but short on ideas. I don’t blame them for not having ideas because it is the responsibilities of the leaders to think and resolve all the issues and the people have the right to be angry and complain. For me, I am not being paid for that.

 The Malaysian Muslims

History tells us that the Malays who the majority Muslims in Malaysia were ex-pagan, ex-ancestral and ex-Hindu worshipers. After becoming Muslims, they become synonymous with it. When matters and issues synonymous to them are being touched, they will automatically be very sensitive as a group but not as individuals. The Malay community can never tolerate Islam being “disturbed” by others.

Individual Malays may have different kind of thinking. Thus we have about 12 Muslims in the DUMC charity program and we have Hassan Ali acting by himself and not conferring with the Selangor Menteri Besar before he acted.

The Malays are sometimes hard to be understood and they seldom get to the point and refused to be frank and blatant. This is in-built in their culture and acts as some sort of internal trigger when anything about them is being touched by others.Fortunately this is just a transient reaction. This transient trigger mechanism is both the saviour for the Malays and also the destroyer because they forget easily and never learn any lesson from it.

There are many faults of the Muslim in every aspect of the Muslim community in Malaysia. Their weaknesses are always being exploited by others and even by their leaders in particular their UMNO leaders, but this is another issue.

The Malays can never tolerate Islam being “disturbed” by others.

The Malaysian Hindus, Buddhist, Baha’is, Sikh, Atheists and other minorities. 

I shall also side-track a little.We seldom hear any major issues pertaining to our fellow brothers and and sister confessing the above faiths. They have been very much to themselves and they just melt within the society. The Hindus are vocal for their rights but we have never heard of them propagating Hinduism. In fact many of us fellow Malaysians do sympathise with them, except for politicians. There is nothing much to talk about this group of Malaysians except the atheists who do not uphold the Rukun Negara in believing in God. Still no harm done to them and society.

The Malaysian Christians

When Malaysia was still under the British, the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist and other religions have been exposed to Christianity by the colonizer. Those who attended Christian Missionary Schools that inculcate Christian ways and values have to face the exposure daily. These other religions never raised their displeasure but accepted that exposure, to be able to get good education and better living.

Other religions have been very tolerant to the Christians proselytizing their followers. In fact there has never been any clear effort by the Hindus and Buddhist to approach others to join them or any attempt to covert others to their religions. The Muslims however have tried to proselytize the Orang Asli and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak with some success. The Christians however have been trying all out not only with the Orang Asli and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak with great success, but the Christians are also working very hard to convert others, irrespective of whatever religion. The Christians are doing this simply because the others are not dedicated in doing it. There is a vacuum to be filled and the Christians are taking this opportunity.

The Christians in Malaysia have been more assertive if not vocal in their demands, grouses, opinion, complaints and approach nowadays. Their presence has been felt. They have also succeeded.

Proselytizing activities.

Read this link to know better :

 One of my concerns is that, they should do it sincerely and openly with no strings attached to it. Why must they be hiding behind pseudo-names, pseudo-organisations, pseudo-activities and all things pseudo?They must also be clear and not “cheat” others to join them. They should not be using stealth ways of doing it and those being converted to Christianity are just being brainwashed or stealthily lured into Christianity and not really believing in Jesus but because of worldly things like food, money and comfort.

My other concern about the Christian moves is why when the West are abandoning Christianity en masse, the Christians are so busy in Africa and Asia? Why not re-convince the West to assert back their Christianity? Surely when the more modern people in the West, with open-minded and having critical minds  are rejecting Christianity, there must be something very-very wrong somewhere.

When Christianity teaches moral values, then common sense tells you that with the moral decadence, hedonistic and materialistic ways of the West, surely they need the Christianity that they are rejecting now, much more than people in Africa and Asia. In short, the Christians must tell the people in the West what to do first, and then only they can have the merit to propagate Christianity in Africa and Asia. In other words, clean your own backyard first.Then only it would be fair for others. Or maybe this is just the opportunity knocking on Islam to replace Christianity in the West? I don’t know.

Some Christians argue that Christianity is not a Western religion but a religion for all. Well the West have  tried it, the Vatican modified it, the Protestants split away from the Vatican and invented a new form of Christianity and now after experimenting, modifying and putting the different forms of Christianity into practice, the West are rejecting it, like I mentioned earlier – en masse.

If one were to observe carefully, yes through my observations, the West have always looked down on others even if the others profess the same Christian religion. The Christian blacks, Christian Chinese, Christian Indians, Christian Malays, Christian Arabs all have different unwritten caste system but they all refuse to acknowledge. The non-caucasian Christians will forever be regarded as second class Christians. Is it the low self-esteem or the colonial mentality or envy that the people in Africa and Asia or even in Malaysia embrace Christianity? Is it so chic and fanciful to have English names, for namesake? Maybe by embracing Christianity these people feel that they are as equal as the people in the West? I don’t know but, for those who have embraced or converted to Christians, just sit back and think. Christians too must start to ponder why the West are rejecting Christianity.

The Christians in Malaysia have been enjoying a lot of freedom. Even the Jehovah Witness missionaries are openly active in Sabah and Sarawak. Christians are able to build churches everywhere and many can be found in the shop houses everywhere in Malaysia. If they were to maintain their low profile and incognito, nothing like the present issues for example; the Bible in Malay, the prohibited words, the church arson and the latest raid would not happen. The way some Christian groups and sects doing things right now are to invite the unwanted spotlight, the blames, and the hatred by others and the inevitable controversies. This could be a result of their egos and trying to be champions by antagonizing others. This is giving bad names the whole Christian community.

However these events that have mostly been brought up by the Christians themselves are a wakeup call to all the Muslims in Malaysia and especially the Muslim leaders.

As for proselytizing others to Christianity, I have my clear opinion on it, please leave *us alone.*Us meaning all of us who are not Christians.


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