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Money-making-scheme and money-making scam

Yes, the general election is also part and parcel of a money-making-scheme and money-making-scam, but which is which? 

Some may not see the difference. Well I see it this way.

  • A scheme is somewhat clear cut legitimate but morally wrong. Like the MRT project, it was announced in April 2011 to be in the region of RM30 billion, then all of a sudden in June, the figure rose to RM50 billion. WTF! Then they announced that the actual figure is still unknown until they confirm the actual alignment but, despite telling everyone that they have reduced the need of private land acquisitions by end-July, the RM50 billion figures remain the same.
  • A scam is illegal and immoral from the beginning till the end. Like many UMNO party workers were asked to use their own resources; transport, petrol and money to go on campaigning with the promised that all the expenses will be reimbursed generously. Unfortunately the foolish idiots were taken for a ride. They do get paid but they were short-changed. The allocation for their expenses is used by their masters. But the idiots were themselves to be blamed. They sublet their duties to local Mat Rempits, hooligans and the unemployed, while they have some fun elsewhere, some dangduting, some sleep and dream and many just loiter around and wasting time at coffee shops. Some of these young and apparently UMNO zealots will even go to the various opposition ceramahs, they enjoy listening to the speakers, especially Mat Sabu of PAS.They also make extra money by helping to hang all the posters, banners and flags of all the parties. They see money not party symbols.

Now the dissatisfied UMNO party workers will take revenge. They will cooperate together to sabotage all the useless, crooked UMNO masters who cheated them for not reimbursing their expenses as promised. Many had earlier on dreaming of making some money for doing nothing. Their MCA and MIC counterparts are also facing the same predicament but they won’t join in the sabotage.

As this is the present scenario, UMNO need more money to engage new fully paid party workers. This is very expensive but results are not guaranteed. The new breed of party workers are akin to mercenaries albeit inexperienced ones.

It is obvious that for any mega projects, UMNO/BN will get some sufficient kick-backs to be wasted during election. I was told by one of the BN party worker that he was entrusted to carry two sports bags, one in each hand both full of money to while campaigning in Sabah. He was not alone, there are many others as well. He did not tell me how much in each bag because he himself was not told. He was just the courier. He told me quite cheekily that the same thing happened when Anwar Ibrahim was still in UMNO. Only the poor rakyat will be taken for a ride thinking that they gained some RM50 in Sabah (some say only RM20), one batik sarong in Kelantan, a bag of cement ( which will become hardened eventually) in Melaka, new street lights yes, yes, the ones they have asked for since the previous general election, wow, the government is so kind…

Those events where the politicians provide immediate cash assistance or replace old wooden bridges will be all over the television network. Some of the foolish recipients will also cry because they are so happy that after 10 years they get help. These foolish peasants are simply foolish for thinking that the politicians really care for them. Their foolishness will translate into corrupt ministers who will be voted and continue to be corrupt and irresponsible knowing that the foolish folks will always be short-changed. These foolish peasants normally are the Malays; the Category 3 Malays (read my other article). They are just pathetic. They should have the assistance and the bridges long time ago and not during the campaign period. Then a portion of the allocated budget for them will surely be diverted away. But because of their foolishness, they deserve to be cheated and remained poor and always in financial need and help. These groups of people are the fixed deposit for the politician because when they remain in dire straits, the politician can always manipulate them for votes.

So elections are not entirely about making money, it is also about losing and wasting money. The oppositions too will be spending money, but they depend on sympathizers and donations. They even accept RM1 donation, well some sympathizers or jokers donated RM0.50 too. How to win like this?

The fortunate ones will take this opportunity to make money, a money-making-machine and others will make it a money-making-scam. There will be people making money and there will be people who will lose their money. Not only losing candidates but there also those supplying the paraphernalia not getting paid to a tune of several million RM.

Anyway there are many other things that happen during elections besides the paraphernalia and atmosphere until nomination day.

In Malaysia the happenings cover a wide range of things, from sweet to bitter, from happy to sad and from lively to deadly. Yes, people have been hurt and two or three have died. The doctors will be very active, I know medical doctors are always active; it is the Spin Doctors – people who twist the news, the events, and the views to favour the government. There will be accusations, back-stabbing, back-biting, lying, and you can find all the words in the dictionary and all are applicable to describe the scenario. There will be ball carriers too; big balls to carry and many carriers are needed. This ball carrying somehow translates to money. There will be promises and promises and promises (all empty promises). The rakyat will really believe that. Well they say if you repeat the lie 10 times, it will become a truth.

There is not much happening during Nomination day. There will be two large opposing crowds carrying their party flags. The police will be in a great force to control the crowds. The two will be separated but there will be heated arguments, shouting, name callings and the ubiquitous mineral water bottles being thrown to each other. Some minor scuffles, but nomination still will go one. Then there will be some simple mistakes in the filling of the forms, a few will be disqualified for serious mistakes, some are last minute candidates.

Nevertheless the canvassing and election process will continue.

                                                                                                                          ……….Cont’d Part 3


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