MERDEKA 2011 – People have to be lured to fly Jalur Gemilang

I read in the Malay Mail via the above link and was just flabbergasted by the title of the news which reads;  Fly Jalur Gemilang, win an iPad2

This just reflects the present affair of the country. There is nothing much to celebrate really unless there are huge changes. People have to be lured to fly the flag whereby it should be a voluntary action, from the heart.

I still remember about 10 years back when the people were in such festive mood, that flying the flag went on like a frenzy. Those who have never flown a single flag also joined in the celebrations. Cars were covered with little flags, lorries flying two big flapping flags on both sides of the cabin. Taxis, buses, vans, motorbikes, every moving vehicle had a statement saying  “We are proud to be Malaysians and so proud of our nation” .The economy was at its peak. Jobs were abundant, infact jobs were waiting to be filled and opportunities so many . Everyone had a piece of the cake, some had several pieces of course, albeit of varying sizes, but still nobody was left out. The future seemed to be ours.

Now, present day, the situation is just pathetic. The economy is not growing. Development projects are scarce and dwindling to a stop. Nothing is going as planned. In fact there is nothing much to plan, after all, all these need money, huge amount of money, hundreds of billions.

But Malaysia has no more money. The money we had has all been badly spent. Petronas is no more the cash cow. Petronas has to borrow money now and has to issue bonds to finance its activities and petroleum is depleting within our borders. FELDA and EPF the supposedly established bodies have not been spared either. FELDA has to borrow RM6 billion from EPF and EPF has no choice but to give the loan to protect its interest in FELDA.

The government can’t afford further subsidies. The poor are getting poorer and the numbers have indeed increased. There are tens of thousands graduates without jobs,I mean proper good jobs. Not mentioning those retrenched.

When the things go bad, everybody starts to point fingers. The government blames the opposition, the opposition blames the government. But there is nothing much to blame the opposition really because they are not in power and they never touch our money. It is the government who is in power for the past 54 years that have mismanaged our money and economy.

The political situation is not encouraging either. Najib is now being considered to be the PM with the shortest term in office, shorter than Badawi. This explains all of his failures.

Yet, there are still silly idiots in government who ask for more money to be spent carelessly.

  • The defence minister wants extra RM493 to maintain the lousy submarines.(Scorpene maintenance cost: RM1.3 bil for 5 years)
  • They still pay RM48 millions to maintain the PM & DPM residences and RM2 million just for water bills.
  • EC (SPR) wants to use the expensive biometric system instead of the relatively cheap ink during voting.
  • PRASARANA going to pay RM720 million just for the Independent Check Engineer for the MRT project when the fee would plausibly be RM50 million
  • There is no effort to recoup back the money lost in the PKFZ scandal
  • The IPP subsidies still will be maintained at RM3.6 billion a year
  • There is no effort to recoup back the money from many corrupt or unethical mega deals. For example Taib of Sarawak should be investigated.
  • The defence minister contemplating of buying the Typhoon fighter jets at* RM3 billion each. (*rectified as commented)
  • There is no effort to mitigate the losses in MAS
  • The 100-storey building is going to be built at RM5 billion
  • The KVMRT is going to be constructed at RM50 billion with just four coaches plying the route!
  • The Sepang F1 still ongoing at RM300 million stagging fee.
  • The Sg. Besi Air Force Base to be closed and money has to be spent on a new base in Sendayan but there is no money yet to develop the vacant Sg.  Besi base.
  • DBKL (KL City Hall) is embarking on the beautification of the dirty river using whose money then.
  • Due to bad or non-existant maintenace, many of the government run complexes need more unnecessary money to rapair and replace damaged parts and items, just because of the lousy attitude more money need to be spent.

Unfortunately those in power are just so stubborn and in a state of denial, pretending that everything is fine. Actually they are just lying. It is the ultimate mistake for those in power to actually believe in their own lies.


2 responses to “MERDEKA 2011 – People have to be lured to fly Jalur Gemilang

  1. The Typhoon fighters are RM3b each. Total RM30b. Other governments can buy at 1/8th the price. Of course, we know the maintenance is extra.

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