2. Stop all development in KL from this moment on 4th August 2011. Why?

By doing this the population on KL will remain steady. A huge population needs all sorts of transportation. Any development in KL will invite new inhabitants, the bigger the development the larger the number of new inhabitants, this has spiral effect on other things as well, like the need of extra accommodation, space crime and accidents.

  • The 100-storey building must also be constructed elsewhere maybe in Putrajaya
  • The Sg, Besi Air Force Base must be retained as it is
  • The Pudu Jail land must be converted to a public park.

3. Reduce the population in KL.

The population in KL can be reduced as follows;

  • Shift out all government departments away from KL, may be to Rawang or Bukit Beruntung. This is feasible because more transaction is online now.
  • The purpose built hypermarkets must be phased out within KL and be shifted out of KL too. Hypermarkets are crowd pullers. Residents won’t use the public transport anyway, so let them drive away for their shopping. Let it be a hassle to discourage people from coming into KL and encouraging people to move out.
  • DBKL and the Istana Negara must also be moved out. The Museum too and whatever attraction must be out of KL.
  • Shift out all universities and institutes of higher learning.
  • Reduce the numbers of parking space in KL so as to encourage people to use public transport and if many businesses are affected, so be it the more the better. This will encourage businesses to do business elsewhere, which also provide growth in other areas, and why must everything be in KL??

4. Change KL into a green, fresh and Leisure City.

The river enhancement project proposed by DBKL is a good initiative but should not be carried out as just another beautification project which will just be cosmetic. The other efforts of stopping new development and reducing the population must be done concurrently.

What then could be envisaged?

  • Surely KL will not be congested as it is now.
  • The proposed MRT project could be scrapped because we may not need that by then. This money can be used to help transform KL and de-populate KL and this will also contribute growth and money well saved and spent.
  • Life in KL will be less a hassle and healthier.
  • Malaysia could be the example for the rest of the world on its achievement in transforming KL.


The KL transport problems, grievances, frustrations, congestions, taxi problems, bus problem , delays, late for work incurred RM billions in hidden costs and real terms like medical cost on health and accidents,  the valuable time lost on the road, unnecessary and unpaid summons & fines must be resolved holistically.

There must be a leader and the most appropriate individual would be the PM. But only Mahathir had vision 2020 for the nation, not for KL. The other PMs are just hopeless.


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