Is the next coming general election going to be the 13th or 14th? (Elections….not erections..please.)

Many people have lost count of the number of years Malaysia have gained indpendence. Those fortunate to be given birth on the day will be able to tell the number of years easy enough. The number of times Malaysia have held the general election, due to its unpredictability is somewhat difficult to be connected to some specific events in our lives and thus not that easy to remember but, I am sure many would be able to remember clearly enough and those people are the politicians, political analysts/scientists. But for many is the next one the 12th or 13th? Whatever it is, elections have no effect whatsoever in our daily lives, yes, I repeat no effect whatsoever. It is the government we elect to power that will affect every aspect of our lives, not elections. Well many would not agree with me. So be it.

When does the election period start? I don’t know but, it seems to be going  on forever without any clear beginning and ending. Maybe when everyone sleeps all at the same time, then election process stops provided of course we don’t have 24 hour rtm. Why? Because people say the moment you switch on your rtm channel , it is focused on elections. I don’t watch rtm anymore than necessary because their programs are just ridiculous and not worth it. (I will comment on that much later when I got some inspiration). As the term of the government nears its end, people will start to speculate and so many expert views will be heard, predictions and even bookies will be having a great time. These experts are long on opinions but short on specifics because only the PM knows the date when parliament would be dissolved and before that only God knows. The PM will have to judge and evaluate to make the decision. He will use all means within his reach to come to the conclusion. He will ask his advisers, cronies, read the headlines, get economic reports, tackle all critical issues and so on.This endeavour is akin to preparing at thesis for PhD, well for this Badawi should be conferred a doctorate by UiTM, not Ibrahim Ali.

People say, Mahathir always refer to the police Special Branch department big boss, to gauge the rakyat, especially in the rural areas and smaller towns. I have spoken to one such SBs and yes, he admitted that some SBs are dedicated to this kind of work and they underwent special training ,to ensure that they get the right information. The police in their beat areas are  entrusted to know as detail and as much as possible on every individual within their area, that is the KPI for the simple police constable (SB). I got this info from the police in Pantai Remis and he also pointed out to me which one in the crowd was the SB. The PCs everywhere dislike most of the SBs. That SB was bespectacle, with scruffy hair covering his ears, untrimmed moustache and goatie ,going around on an old bicycle with crumpled ,cheap ,faded old clothings, with a pepertual lit cigarette between his lips on skewed one side of his mouth.He looked so ordinary. But the confession I got was not from the Pantai Remis SB, it was from the one in Melaka. He told me a lot of things. I was sitting in a coffee shop with a friend from UMNO who invited  someone to join us and introduced to me as the local SB, then one topic led to another and another.

Where was I. Ok, at the same time, people who are so very eager to be the candidates will start lobbying. Actually they lobby everytime when possible, secure the post and secure the nomination and maintain the status quo and cross their fingers hoping the president will choose them. There are so many lists and so many names that it is so mind-boggling to really evaluate each and every candidate. This is where teamwork really works. The top leaders hoping to be a minister in the government will have his/her on network of supporters so he/she will head one team and they will go as a team. So all aspiring candidates must join the team to get into the bandwagon. We can have fun, a complete form of alternative entertainment watching the scuffles, tussles, fist-fights, chair throwing and all sorts of clownings. It is really fun indeed.

Then the porkbarrel thing will come into play, a government appropriation, that supplies funds for local improvements designed to ingratiate legislators with their constituents. Money politics in short. Vote buying to put it crudely.Thus development projects will be announced everywhere. Allocations will be made notwithstanding funds were not available previously.

Then salaries of civil servants will be reviewed and increment promised. Bonuses are definitely and surely be given somewhere before the election. Subsidies will be mantained at all cost. Money from Petronas will be used and EPF will also be targetted.

The general election is aslo part and parcel of a money-making-scheme and money-making-scam, but which is which?                                                                                

                                                                                                         ……..Cont’d …Part 2


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