Afghans have the own way of life and are not envious to emulate the hedonistic US. Life will go on as usual with their tribal conflicts and their own way of settling disputes and running their country. The Afghans do not need the US to show them how to live in this world because there is nothing much in the US way of life. The Afghans are tough and resilient. They will survive and the maimed will be able to smile and feel free. The Talibans…,well  like poppy farms  that is part of the Afghan’s way of life. They will manage.

Many who celebrated and rejoiced the “death” of Osama bin Laden are either foolish are just naive. The majority of them were just celebrating for fun because there has been nothing much to celebrate for really. A transient good feeling, that’s all and there are so many things that still bother the US.

The veterans are suffering the most with more than 200K diagnosed with PTDS. The US is not going to increase the spending on them that is for sure.

  • The money that the US has spent, all because of the bogeyman Osama is money wasted.
  • US soldiers still continue to die in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • The US still have to continue the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and the middle east are still in turmoil
  • The US economy is still in trouble
  • The TSA is still groping at US airports
  • There are still many security alerts, nothing has come back to normal or even pre-Sept 11
  • Both natural and manmade disasters are still looming around
  • The space shuttle has made its last flight and the US has no more money for space exploration. It has to depend on Russia now!
  • The US still have to support Israel by giving USD40 billion annually (just the tip of the iceberg).
  • Americans are still not really safe to be travel around all over the world.
  • Due to the US’s financial strain, it has lost several opportunities both financially and strategically. China is getting stronger by the hour.
  • Americans are still being taken for a ride by the US administration and further tax increase or cuts in health care & social security is definitely in line now.
  • Foreclosures and unemployment are still prevalent.
  • Radioactive particles are still looming in the US atmosphere from Japan.
  • Crime rate in the US still remains the same if not worse.
  • The veterans are still not cared for
  • Osama could still be “alive”

The list can go on but the US still has to be responsible for the hundreds of thousands of people it has bombed to death & oblivion and all the destruction it has done that has got nothing to do with Osama bin Laden.

Those who want to sacrifice for America, please be reminded that, yes, you will be sacrificed.


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