Indeed 2012 is a Desperate year for UMNOMuhyiddin,Mahathir, Najib,Badawi

UMNO is getting itself pushed to a tight corner from all sides. They have become so desperate like someone drowning and panic, with all the incoherent moves and doing all sorts of wrong and irrelevant things to stay afloat and yet still sinking. This is reflected by Najib when he urge party members to grab back Selangor by all means.Read here

The problems facing UMNO are myriads and UMNO is using all sorts of ways and means to remain in power.

UMNO as a Malay dominant party:

As a Malay dominant party, UMNO depends on the Malays for support.  In terms of political support,the Malays are actually divided into FIVE categories;

  1. UMNO members, who are diehard supporters and voting
  2. UMNO members, who are diehard supporters but not voting
  3. Malays who are not UMNO members who are voting UMNO
  4. Malays who are not UMNO members who are voting others
  5. Malays who are not UMNO members who are voting at all

The majority of crucial support is from category 3. This group of people are the simple Malay majority who are just peasant minded with no minds of their own and have been brainwashed by UMNO. They are always loyal to UMNO and they are the ones who will vote anything UMNO/BN. They will also vote a tree trunk (tunggul) if UMNO/BN put it as their candidate. THIS IS THE MAIN FACTOR THAT HAVE PUT UMNO INTO THE PRESENT SITUATION.

UMNO and its guaranteed win by the category 3 Malays:

As a result of this phenomenon, UMNO’s blunders went unchecked because no matter how damaged UMNO is, the category 3 Malays will always ensure it will win. They are the beating heart of UMNO.The category 3 Malays are the ones who have encouraged UMNO to be is the present state of despair, without much hope of repair and sinking.

UMNO leadership;

UMNO top leaders are squabbling amongst themselves and having several camps, all aiming to be the ones in control of UMNO and ultimately controlling Malaysia and its wealth and whatever they desire. This never-ending squabbling resulted in disunity and back stabbing and nothing good for UMNO. This will continue even at the most crucial time during elections. Thus making it necessary for UMNO to resort to other means to win elections.

“SHAH ALAM 6 Mei – Presiden UMNO itu berkata, bagi memastikan kemenangan BN pada pilihanraya akan datang, warga UMNO Selangor perlu apa saja “senjata” yang dimiliki mereka.”Read hereDesperate UMNO

UMNO party workers;

UMNO party workers are diehard group of people. They really will work and sacrifice for UMNO. They volunteer to work for meagre benefits and unworthy rewards They are the main skeleton of UMNO but not the backbones. UMNO has no backbones.

Due to the continuos abuse of their loyalty and trust and the never repentant UMNO leaders that they have helped to put them in their present lucrative positions, these diehard UMNO party workers are disillusioned and disenchanted. This phenomenon has been going on for years under various UMNO presidents. Previously they will just fade away into oblivion and new generations will take over their place but the situation is more complicated now. The numbers of these diehard UMNO party workers have dwindled eversince. Those disenchanted are from the new breed who are better educated and can speak credible English to liaise and be on the same par with the other BN component party members. UMNO take in the easy way by employing paid party workers akin to “mercenaries”. this frustrated the disenchanted ex-diehard UMNO party workers further.

They then embarked on sabotaging UMNO leaders, to ensure that no good, lousy, arrogant, stingy, self-centred UMNO leaders who have lost touch with the grass-roots will never win any election.Read here for the grievances by UMNO supporters.

The “mercenaries” are expensive, unreliable and can’t cooperate with other BN component party workers. We can see that when UMNO undertake any party campaign in view of the next GE, they are always being shied away by the other party workers as being admitted by UMNO recently:

The problem is while UMNO machinery can work if given the motivation , members of the other component parties do not appear to be that motivated….”Read here.

UMNO and money politics;

Politics especially UMNO politics are synonim with money. Money is the muscle of UMNO. Without money UMNO can’t move.UMNO has not much money now simply because the Malaysia economy is not doing well and Najib is not doing much to improve the situation and without vision and clear direction

” The prime minister who is also the finance minister, also has to handle the country’s economy, which has slowed down to 4.6 percent in the first quarter amid stagnating wages and rising inflation…..”.Read here.

The Najib baggage;

Najib is a huge baggage for UMNO. The list is quite long and it seems that there is no full stop to it. Najib has been rumoured to be connected to Port Dickson, Mongolia, France , Khazakhstan and Rosmah to several oversea destinations, with shopping spree, expensive ring (some say RM24 million)& matching bangle and handbags (some say RM1 million).Read here about the ringRead here about Rosmah-Jho Low connection.

There are the RM7.3 billion useless Scorpene-Altantuya  submarines,  expensive naval vessels, Perimekar, Razak Baginda, huge electricity and water bills.

There was the KTMB land issue in Singapore.There are also the Sg.Besi airforce base, the Pudu Jail Project, the 100-storey tower, so-called bankrupt FELDA, IPP, Taib Mahmud, Allah issue and BERSIH 2.0. The is also the questionable MRT project and also the purchase of new EMU coaches for KTMB commuter.

Oh, don’t forget the RM250 million NFC debacle too.UMNO lembu

Mahathir, Muhyidin, and others creating trouble and will hurt UMNO;

Read here for detail story on Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Najib, Hishamuddin, Ibrahim Ali, Amanah, Marina, BERSIH, Mathias Chang and Utusan. Read here to know Najib is on shaky ground as Muhyiddin plots again. Read here for Najib is afraid of Muhyiddin.

UMNO’s fate;

Melayu tak percaya UMNO

With all the unlikely scenarios, UMNO’s only options are

  • Make sure the opposition is in disarray without Anwar and with internal squabbling like UMNO
  • Make sure that all venues and resources are used to defeat the opposition, using whatever means or weapons (senjata).

If the two ways won’t work, then Najib could be axed. Therefore from now until the next general election, this desperate move could not be ruled out.


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