Prasarana confirms HSSI picked as MRT check engineer. Part 1


The Check Engineer is a third party normally engaged for reviewing every aspects including, geotechnical, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical for commercial, industrial, residential, infrastructure and major developments. Plans, drawings, technical reports and engineering studies and calculations for structural are reviewed to comply with various codes, applicable laws, enactments and regulations. This will also ensure that the overall design meets the main purpose of the development and with value for money. Considerations on safety and health are also taken into account to meet the statutory and non-statutory requirements.

In the MRT project, PRASARANA needs this service to serve the interests of the owner/developer. This checking process must be engaged before the designs by the MRT project delivery partner (PDP), MMC- Gamuda could even be approved. In practice is it normal for the PDP to point fingers to PRASARANA for any problem upon completion of the MRT later, because the ultimate approval is still the government/PRASARANA.

The amount of the consultation fee paid to the Check Engineer is then determined by the scope of the work that is asked to look into. Here the question arises how much is the reasonable amount?

PRASARANA must spell out their requirements as detail as possible or the Check Engineer can propose the scope of work for PRASARANA to consider. Since this is such a huge project, PRASARANA took the easy way out and so the Check Engineers gave all their proposals and due to this, it made it difficult for PRASARANA to evaluate the best simply because there was no standard scope as a base reference.

Still is it really difficult to determine the probable amount and do we need a rocket scientist to help us?

                                                                                                     …….cont’d part 2


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