Najib VS BERSIH 2.0


From the Malaysian Insider (9/9/2011);

Najib was  alone at the top and still is.

Najib did not get  the overwhelming support from within UMNO and BN component party members. Muhyidin was seemingly cautious and had few words to say. Hishamudin, Nazri, Rais have got nothing much to say and do either. Mukhriz was quiet. Mahathir warned that UMNO/BN is going to be badly affected in the next general election as a result of the actions against BERSIH.

KJ, PATRIOT, PERKASA and Omardin were just hot air, nothing positive in Najib’s favour. Pak Lah was irrelevant  yet  after BERSIH someone tried to implicate him with BERSIH, to be the scapegoat.

Not much was heard from Palanivel. Chua SL and Koh TK. Taib Mahmud has got his own problems.

Even the Agong was not amused by Najib. The international community too was and is still against Najib.

It was only the pro-government media that showed much support to Najib but was not convincing enough.

In the end Najib was forced to leave everything to the PDRM and it was a very great shock to the IGP. If anything happens, he was to be blamed, not Najib, not the UMNO/BN and cohorts. The police went into panic mode blocking all access towards KL. But 30K managed to get through, if not 300K would be on the streets.

The original estimate by Ng Yen Yen of business losing RM1 billion, has now resulted to several billions. But may be in Ng Yen Yen’s opinion it is very cheap because the free Facebook is expensive compared to the RM1.8 million Tourism Ministry Facebook.

BERSIH on the other hand have achieved many things though none of the demands in its memorandum would be entertained.

  • The rakyat is more aware of the wrong doings of the EC/UMNO/BN.
  • Malaysians clearly can be more united.
  •  Racial harmony can be more real and active.
  • Many from the rakyat of all races, ethnicity, beliefs and ages are willing to sacrifice for the good of the nation.
  • There is a paradigm shift all across the society; the rakyat is more critical of the government.
  • There is no more great fear of the government and police.
  • There is more support from the international community.
  • There is no more racial bogeyman.
  • UMNO-BN is in deep trouble with several clear cracks.
  • Najib too is in deep trouble.
  • There are outspoken views within UMNO and BN in support of BERSIH.
  • The monarchy system has gained more relevance.
  • The police has further tarnished its already bad image.

Najib foolishly had not done enough damage control. Visiting the UK had only been snubbed by the Queen and an embarrassment to the host. Having the diplomatic tie with the Vatican is a just a non-issue.

Najib is now isolated and left alone by everybody. It is too soon to say that UMNO will have an emergency general assembly to get a vote of no confidence to Najib, but from now until the next general election, nothing should be ruled out.

Until then, Najib will have restless nights beside Rosmah who would be sleeping soundly after having the USD24 million diamond ring. Well… I bet they are simply very, very alone and out of touch with reality dreaming of the £3 billion boat.


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