Speeching to the bosses

When I was given the task to give a speech during one of our annual dinners, I was one of the speakers that have inevitably made the time for dinner a few minutes longer. Everyone was so hungry, they could eat several elephants.

The moment I stopped in mid-sentence to actually breathe, the attendees would give the most rousing applause. However, I kept on with the speech and finished it in the shortest time possible but not at a hurried pace.

During the dinner itself when it was time to mingle around amongst the attendees, my immediate superior asked me whether I noticed the peculiar applause. I told him in the positive. He futher elucidated that, the applause was meant for me to end the speech ASAP, because they were all too hungry. But I told my boss, that I gave the speech for the big bosses to listen and I did not have the slighest intention to ever engage the general attendees.

One of the big bosses then approached me and told me what a nice speech that was from me in, appreciation.

Similarly when the government in power engages in any issue and needs to clarify and explain to the public, the ministers, officials or spokespersons will not actually response to the matter but to explain, twist, manipulate, show off or spin the matter for the entire audience, the voters.


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